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In unusual step, US military aircraft will transport first pallets of baby formula to US

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The first flights of the Biden administration's latest effort to expedite baby formula delivery to the US amid a nationwide shortage will include US military aircraft, 'n amptenaar van die Withuis sê. Defense Secretary...

Top Navy leaders visit aircraft carrier following recent suicides among crew

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Washington The Navy's top leaders visited the USS George Washington following a number of recent suicides among crew members as the Navy continues to investigate the deaths. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro held group...

US Navy’s first woman aircraft carrier commander: Leadership is hard

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Tokyo Amy Bauernschmidt is the rarest of the rare. The 51-year-old is in a select group of United States Navy officers: The commanders of the 11 aircraft carriers in the US fleet. Kapt. Bauernschmidt is the only woma...

Meer as 200 sailors moved off aircraft carrier after multiple suicides

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Meer as 200 sailors have moved off the USS George Washington aircraft carrier after multiple deaths by suicide among the crew, including three in less than one week in April, according to the Navy. The sailors are...

Navy opens investigation after 4 deaths by suicide among aircraft carrier crew

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The Navy has opened an investigation into the command climate and culture on board an aircraft carrier following the deaths of seven sailors in the last 12 maande, including four by suicide, according to the Navy. T ...

Ukraine’s Air Force has added about 20 more operational aircraft after influx of spare parts, senior US defense official says

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The Ukrainian Air Force has added about 20 more operational aircraft to its fleet because of an influx of spare parts, according to a senior US defense official. Though the official wouldn't specify which country ha...

3 US sailors from aircraft carrier found dead in less than one week

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Three sailors from the USS George Washington aircraft carrier were found dead in less than one week, the Navy said, as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and local authorities investigate the deaths. One sailo...

Navy aircraft crashes in Virginia waters; two rescued, one missing: verslag doen

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The Coast Guard told Fox News it was assisting with a military plane crash in the Chincoteague River near Wildcat Marsh. MARINES KILLED IN NORTH CAROLINA IN JANUARY ARE ID'D

US ambassador to Poland reacts to the US declining aircraft proposal for Ukraine

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AMBASSADOR MAREK MAGIEROWSKI: Wel, approximately two weeks ago, my government proposed to the American administration to transfer those aircrafts, the Soviet-made fighter jets to an airbase in Germany and to put th...

Outgunned Ukrainians lure Russian aircraft into defense traps, need planes to defend airspace: versoek Biden om MiG's te stuur

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"[The Ukrainians] are fighting with basically two very large feathers in their cap: one is the munitions we’re providing them and the other is the morale that they can sustain on their own," said John (JV) Venable, a ...

US military aircraft with 4 aboard appears to have crashed in Norway, rescuers say

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A US military aircraft with four people aboard that appears to have crashed Friday during NATO training exercises in Norway has been spotted with "major damage," volgens owerhede. The MV-22B Osprey aircraft,...

Putin signs law to seize foreign aircraft as sanctions impact Russian aviation

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The law would allow the airlines to take and operate planes leased by foreign companies that have stopped businesses operations in the country over its invasion of Ukraine, the state-owned TASS news agency reported. ...

EU buys weapons for Ukraine, closes its airspace to Russian aircraft

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"We are proposing a prohibition on all Russian-owned, Russian registered, or Russian-controlled aircraft," Ursula von der Leyen, president van die Europese Kommissie, gesê. "These aircraft will no more be able to land in, tak...

Taiwan warns Chinese aircraft in its air defense zone

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Taipei (Reuters)Taiwan's air force scrambled again on Thursday to warn away nine Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense identification zone, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said, on the same day that Russia invaded ...


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OEKRAÏENSE PRESIDENT "OEKRAÏENSE PRESIDENT" OEKRAÏENSE PRESIDENT, volgens verskeie Amerikaanse amptenare wat direk met die VSA vertroud is...

US fighter jets escort Russian aircraft in eastern Syria

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US fighter jets and other coalition aircraft escorted three Russian aircraft in eastern Syria on Tuesday when the Russians flew into coalition-restricted airspace, according to two US officials with direct knowledge...

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