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Rampant travel delays isn’t a problem airlines can just fix: Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones

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GUTFELD ON NEW YORK MOM'S KILLING: LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY SAY THEY'RE THREATENED JOHNNY "JOEY" JONES: This isn't a problem they can just fix because you can't just go make more pilots right away. That's part of t...

An Arizona man who says he spent 17 days in jail is suing American Airlines, alleging they misidentified him to police

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An Arizona man is suing American Airlines, claiming the airline's negligence led to him spending 17 days in jail after he was misidentified to police investigating a burglary at a duty-free shop in Dallas Fort Worth...

United Airlines fires employee left bloodied after airport brawl with ex-NFL player Brendan Langley

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A United Airlines rep told the New York Post on Tuesday that the employee, who has not since been identified, was terminated by the company after a video surfaced on social media showing him involved in a physical al...

Mujer da a luz en vuelo de Frontier Airlines, le da a su hija un nombre apropiado

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La mujer, quien fue identificado por Fox News Digital como Shakeria Martin, tuvo un "temprano e inesperado" mano de obra en un vuelo del Aeropuerto Internacional de Denver al Aeropuerto Internacional de Orlando, según un martes de Faceboo...

Nigerian airlines suspend plans to ground local flights over cost of jet fuel

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AbujaNigerian airlines have suspended plans to ground all local flights due to the soaring cost of jet fuel just hours before the move was due to take effect, the airline operators association said on Sunday. The Air...

Struggling factories and booming airlines put Fed in a bind

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Londres (CNN Business)How should policymakers react when two core parts of the economy are headed in different directions? That's the question facing the Federal Reserve and its international counterparts as they race...

Kahele defends dual role as member of Congress and Hawaiian Airlines pilot, along with proxy voting record

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Reps. Kai Kahele defended his part-time work as a commercial pilot for Hawaiian Airlines, saying the arrangement complies with House Ethics rules, and attributed his lengthy absence from the Capitol to the pandemic a...

Alaska Airlines launches gender-neutral uniform policy for flight attendants and other staff

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Alaska Airlines announced that it has launched new, gender-neutral uniform guidelines for flight attendants. "We have updated our uniform guidelines, effective today, to provide more freedom and flexibility in indiv...

Frontier Airlines passenger charged with making threats that diverted Florida-bound flight

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Michael Aaron Ganter is charged with interference of a flight crew and flight attendants stemming from the Feb. 9 incidente. He was a passenger on a flight that departed New York City's LaGuardia Airport when he made ...

Eyewitness to American Airlines flight diversion over unruly traveler: He ‘wanted to bring the plane down

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FLIGHT ATTENDANTS AND PASSENGERS SUBDUE UNRULY MAN WHO REPORTEDLY TRIED TO OPEN PLANE DOOR, ENTER COCKPIT Mouaz Moustafa joined "zorro & Amigos" Tuesday to discuss the chaos, diciendo, although the man did not appea...

An American Airlines flight was diverted to Kansas City due to an ‘unruly passenger

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An American Airlines flight was diverted to Kansas City International Airport in Missouri on Sunday afternoon because of "an unruly passenger," the airline said in a statement. "Vuelo de American Airlines 1775 with s...

Olivia Culpo covers up with winter gear during latest airport outing, pokes fun at American Airlines incident

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Culpo, 29, was spotted at the airport wearing fur-lined, hooded vest as she traveled to Colorado. Su hermana, Sophia Culpo, used the moment to mock the model for being asked to change during a previous trip. "Señora, ...

y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó

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La mujer, y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó "y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó" en las redes sociales, y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó 997 y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó, y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó, y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó, y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó, y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó. y Nicole Cardaño-Hillary agregó.

US suspends 44 China-bound flights from Chinese airlines

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(CNN Business)Washington is suspending more than three dozen flights from Chinese carriers over the next couple of months, the latest escalation in a spat over pandemic-related travel rules between the United States...

International airlines restore flights to US after 5G confusion

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Londres (CNN Business)Major international airlines have resumed normal service after a slew of cancellations on Wednesday over fears the rollout of 5G mobile networks in the United States would compromise safety. Brit...

Olivia Culpo taunts American Airlines with Delta flight in another similar ‘risqué’ outfit

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El lunes, the former Miss Universe touched down at LAX in Los Angeles after a near-week-long trip to Cabo San Lucas, México, with her sister Aurora and boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit ...

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