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Deadly shooting at Kabul airport’s north gate, German military says

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The reported shooting underscored the dangers international troops and fleeing Afghans continue to face in the city now controlled by the Taliban. The German military said in a tweet that one Afghan security officer ...

TSA sees highest traveler count at airports since March 2020

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it screened more than 2.1 million flight passengers this weekend, the most since the beginning of the pandemic. The Transportation Security Administrat...

Woman demands to see airport’s manager after alleged altercation with security

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A bizarre viral video recently surfaced that shows a woman arguing with an airport security guard over an apparent incident which she says involved her getting tackled. While some witnesses in the video dispute the w...

New York offering COVID-19 vaccinations at airports across state

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Goewerneur. Andrew Cuomo said the program is intended to make vaccinations more convenient and accessible. The program launched ahead of heavy travel anticipated for Memorial Day weekend. According to AAA, "meer as 37 duisend ...