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6 things to watch in Wyoming and Alaska elections

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Jackson, Wyoming Former President Donald Trump's campaign to purge the Republican Party of his opponents could reach its most dramatic moment of the 2022 midterm election cycle on Tuesday in Wyoming. Rep. Liz Cheney...

Alaska voters are casting ballots in two separate elections for the same seat. Hier is hoe dit werk

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Voters in Alaska on Tuesday are voting in two separate elections for the same US House seat -- the state's at-large congressional district seat. That's because there's both a special general election to fill the re...

Two Muslim men file federal discrimination suit against Alaska Airlines after they say they were removed for texting in Arabic

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Two Muslim men have filed a federal discrimination suit against Alaska Airlines for being removed from a plane prior to takeoff after a passenger alerted the crew that the men were texting and speaking in Arabic. Ac...

‘Baked Alaskapleads guilty to US Capitol riot charge

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A far-right internet personality who goes by the name "Baked Alaska" has agreed to plead guilty to unlawfully protesting at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 -- after abandoning a plea agreement in May during a hear...

Biden administration takes key step in controversial Alaska oil drilling project, angering environmental groups

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The Biden administration has taken a key step forward on a controversial proposed oil drilling project in Alaska's North Slope, angering climate advocates who say the project would release tons of emissions and doom...

Record-breaking wildfires in Alaska are being fueled by a hot and dry start to summer

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It's been a concerning hot and dry start to summer in southern Alaska. Anchorage is experiencing its second-warmest June, according to climate scientist Brian Brettschneider. And with only 0.07 inches of rain this m...

Floor sealant served to students instead of milk was mistakenly stored in food warehouse, Alaska school district says

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An investigation into how 12 elementary school students in Juneau, Alaska, were served floor sealant instead of milk at a child care program has revealed that the chemical was mistakenly stored in a food warehouse, ...

Alaska schoolchildren were served floor sealant instead of milk at a child care program, skooldistrik sê

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Twelve elementary school children drank floor sealant believing it was milk after it was served to students at a childcare program in Juneau, Alaska, op Dinsdag, according to the school district. Students in a summe...

Alaska mom says baby formula shortage ‘creating extra panicas she launches group for struggling parents

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Allie Seckel, the mother of a 10-month-old in Kodiak, Alaska, launched the Formula Exchange Group on Facebook in January when the baby formula shortage was just beginning. AMERICA'S BABY FORMULA SHORTAGE: PHOTOS SHO...

Soldier killed and another injured in bear attack in Alaska

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A soldier in Alaska died Tuesday after being attacked by a bear who wildlife officials say may have been trying to protect her cubs. After he was mauled, Personeel Sgt. Seth Michael Plant was transported to the Army bas...

Landslide buries primary road connecting Alaska resort community to city of Seward

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An area outside the Lowell Point community near Seward, Alaska, was still unstable Sunday, following a Saturday landslide which blocked access to the primary road connecting the resort area and the city of Seward. B..

Why Sarah Palin isn’t the clear favorite to win the Alaska special election

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My columns are often about which candidates are most likely to win elections. But every so often, there are elections that are so difficult to handicap that I throw my hands up in frustration. The upcoming US House ...

Alaska GOP senator: US energy crisis started with Biden’s administration

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DAN SULLIVAN: The president and his team are constantly demagoguing this issue. The reason we have high prices is not the war, the brutal war, in die Oekraïne. American energy prices started going through the roof way bef...

Alaska Airlines launches gender-neutral uniform policy for flight attendants and other staff

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Alaska Airlines announced that it has launched new, gender-neutral uniform guidelines for flight attendants. "We have updated our uniform guidelines, effective today, to provide more freedom and flexibility in indiv...

Sarah Palin announces run for Congress in Alaska

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced on Friday that she is running for Congress, seeking to fill the state's lone US House seat after the death of longtime Rep. Don Young. Palin, the Republican vice presidential...

Alaska feeling effects of border crisis, ‘hit hardby fentanyl deaths

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"My son died of a fentanyl overdose in 2021. He was in recovery, and he apparently had a relapse that day. So many young people that are in recovery do relapse, it is part of long-term recovery. He got 100% fentaniel ...

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