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Sobering new study says that those under age 40 shouldn’t drink alcohol at all

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The study is essentially encouraging young people to put down that gorgeous summer cocktail or delicious beer right this minute. They shouldn't drink alcohol at all. People under 40 suffer significant health risks ...

US troops in Germany banned from alcohol after scooter incidents

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A US Army brigade in Germany has been confined to its base during evenings and temporarily banned from consuming alcohol, a spokesman for the Army said Thursday, after five troops were charged with driving scooters ...

Vladimir Putin tells Western leaders to stop ‘abusing alcohol,’ says they would look ‘disgusting’ a torso nudo

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Putin made the comment days after Western leaders meeting at the G7 summit riffed on Putin's penchant for broadcasting his bare chest to the world on Sunday. "I don’t know how they wanted to get undressed, above or b...

Questo rifugio per animali dello Utah è un rifugio sicuro per i proprietari che stanno subendo un trattamento per droga o alcol

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Un nuovo programma nello Utah fornirà alloggi a breve termine per animali domestici i cui proprietari sono in cura per abuso di droghe o alcol. Il programma è una collaborazione tra il Ruff Haven Crisis Center, fornito da un'organizzazione no profit..

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins had blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit when he was fatally hit, dice il rapporto

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Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit when he was fatally struck by a dump truck on a South Florida highway in April, according to a report from the Broward Co...

If you’re drinking more alcohol, here’s what you need to know

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As stay-at-home orders were implemented due to COVID-19, excessive drinking increased by 21%, according to research published earlier this year in the journal Hepatology. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service...

Il neonato della Georgia è morto dopo che il padre avrebbe messo l'alcol in una bottiglia; genitori accusati di omicidio

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Sydnei Moran Dunn, 24, e il marchese Simon Colvin, 25, entrambi sono stati accusati di omicidio colposo, omicidio di secondo grado, crudeltà di primo grado verso i bambini, e condotta sconsiderata. Colvin è stato anche accusato di possesso di un fi...

Alcohol made from cheese waste could help fix dairy’s whey problem

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(CNN Business)The world loves cheese: l'anno scorso, più di 21 million metric tons of it were produced globally. But to make cheese, you end up with a lot of whey, and that can be a problem. Producing one pound of ha...

Driver in North Las Vegas car crash that left nine dead had drugs and alcohol in his system, coroner’s report says

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The driver responsible for a January crash that left nine people dead -- including himself and four children -- had alcohol, cocaine and a drug known as PCP in his system, according to an autopsy report from the Cla...

Al di sopra di 40% of people using alcohol or cannabis recently drove under the influence, reperti di studio

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Più di 40% of drivers reporting alcohol and cannabis use in a national survey also reported driving under the influence of one or both of the substances, trovato un nuovo studio. "Alcohol and cannabis are two of the m...

How Dry January’s continued presence reflects society’s evolvingand divisiverelationship with alcohol

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With a new year comes new restrictions. Ditch meat for a month with Veganuary. Start that new gym membership, or try this new diet. The onslaught of demands to "start the new year right" seems endless. Uno, anche se, ...

Drew Barrymore opens up about her sobriety and why alcohol ‘did not serve’ sua

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Drew Barrymore has rarely hid from discussions of her childhood addictions and journey to sobriety. But earlier this week, the actress and talk show host shared something new -- she's given up alcohol. "I'm gonna s...

Il direttore generale degli Anaheim Ducks, Bob Murray, si dimette e entrerà in un programma di abuso di alcol

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Bob Murray, il vicepresidente esecutivo e direttore generale degli Anaheim Ducks, si è dimesso e entrerà in un programma di abuso di alcol con effetto immediato, ha annunciato la squadra mercoledì. Le dimissioni di Murray arrivano a poppa...

Jessica Simpson condivide "irriconoscibile"’ foto di ritorno al passato di se stessa, rivela perché ha smesso di bere alcolici

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Di lunedi, la cantante 41enne è andata su Instagram per rivelare perché ha smesso di bere alcolici quattro anni fa, condividendo insieme al suo messaggio una sua foto di ritorno al passato senza trucco. Nella foto, il "Affare pubblico" S...

Gonzaga coach Few smelled of alcohol prior to DUI arrest

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"Mark told me he had spent the day with his family. I asked him how much he had to drink today and Mark told me nothing. I did not believe that Mark was being truthful based on my previously stated observations," Spento ...

Some alcohol consumption may benefit heart disease patients, lo studio suggerisce

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The team noted that lifestyle and dietary habits play a major role in secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, but that the impact of alcohol consumption on patients’ prognosis remains unclear and recommendati...