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Utah sent every phone in the state an emergency alert warning about rapidly rising Covid-19 cases and overwhelmed hospitals

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The alarming alert was sent to everyone in Utah who had a phone capable of receiving one: the state has reached a record number of Covid-19 cases, and it was time to get serious. "State of Utah: COVID-19 is spreadin...

This relentless Atlantic hurricane season has put nearly every mile of coastline from Texas to Maine on alert

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People along nearly every mile of coastline from Texas to Maine have been put on alert this Atlantic hurricane season, なので 12 の 29 storms made landfall in the United States in this record-setting year. "Every mile o...

FDA issues pet food alert after 28 dogs are reported dead from toxin

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The Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners about high levels of aflatoxin in some pet foods after 28 dogs reportedly died and 8 others were sickened. The pet food containing the toxin has been identifie...

Authorities on high alert as pro-Trump supporters flood DC to protest election

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Hundreds of law enforcement officers have mobilized across Washington as thousands of supporters who refuse to accept President Donald Trump's election loss have flocked to the nation's capital to protest when Congr...

Capitol Building put on alert after a small fire several blocks away

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Washington A small fire at an apparent homeless encampment less than a mile away from the US Capitol Building on Monday prompted the building to enter lockdown, a reflection of the heightened state of alarm at the co...

Countries in West Africa on high alert after Ebola outbreak in Guinea

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ラゴス, Nigeria Guinea declared an Ebola outbreak in one of its regions on Sunday, after the West African nation confirmed at least seven cases of the disease, including three deaths, the country's National Security a...

St. Vincent on red alert for ‘imminentvolcanic eruption

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on Thursday declared a disaster alert prompted by a change in the eruptive activity at the La Soufrière volcano, according to the country's National Emer...

Clubhouse, an audio-only social app, has Twitter on alert

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(CNNビジネス)数ヶ月間, people have been clamoring to get access to Clubhouse, a buzzy invite-only social media app where members join virtual rooms to have live, unscripted discussions. Topics range from the "fut...

Police in Germany responded to a bomb alertand found a sex toy

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A bomb alert in southern Germany turned out to be a false alarm after a grenade-shaped object was found to be a sex toy. A woman out jogging in the forest near Sonnen on Monday evening called the police after spotti...


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ミエンジェルゲインズが最後に見られた 2:50 午前. 目の前のベビーカーで 2433 ハーレムのフレデリック・ダグラス大通りが父親に連れて行かれたとき, アントニオ・アームストロング, ニューヨーク市警は言った. M ...

CA電力網オペレーターがFlexAlertを発行, 住民に電力使用量の削減を求める

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カリフォルニア独立系統運用機関 (ISO) アラートは 5 午後. そして 10 午後. PTによる "運用上のニーズ" とのために設定されました "グリッドへのストレスを軽減し、電力を回避します ...

Ohio police find missing 6-week-old baby safe after Amber Alert issued

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Officers worked throughout Tuesday night and found the baby, identified as Cannon Tatum McDoodle, in Youngstown, 約 75 miles southeast of where he was last seen in Cleveland, Cleveland police said. FAMILY REUNITES...

我ら, others issue security alert at Kabul airport

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Australians in the airport’s vicinity were advised to move to a safe location and await further advice. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said the travel advice was consistent with revised British and New Zeal...

ハニティ: OSAC alert shows State Department leaving Americans ‘hostageto Taliban

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"He wants to pretend like it never happened. But this crisis is far from over. Hundreds and hundreds of Americans are still trapped hopelessly abandoned by Joe behind enemy lines. And ask yourself this question tonig...


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ニュージーランドのクリケットチームは、パキスタンの最初のツアーから撤退しています 18 ニュージーランド政府のセキュリティ警告から数年後. ニュージーランドクリケットは声明の中で次のように述べています "Newでのエスカレーションに続いて。.

「キルミードショー」のジョーリーバーマン: バージニア州は「危険信号」である可能性があります’ 「目覚めた文化へのプッシュバックの民主党のために’

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マコーリフは、親がジョー・リーバーマンと言った後、「教育を構築する」と自慢している: テリー・マコーリフが負けた場合, 彼は左翼の民主党員ではありませんが, バージニアの人々が, w.。.

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