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House Democrat defends Biden economic policies, credits him for ‘keeping this country afloat and alive

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The new Fox News poll shows that inflation and the economic future of the country remain the biggest concern for voters heading into the midterms. With a 68% disapproval rate for Biden on these issues, some Democrats...

‘What is going on in Shanghai’: Horror as elderly man taken to morgue in body bagwhile still alive

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An elderly Shanghai resident was mistakenly declared dead and taken to a morgue in a body bag, in the latest sign of dysfunction in the Covid-stricken city where millions of people remain under government-enforced l...

A dolphin was impaled with a ‘spear-like object’ in Florida — while it was still alive

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Die Nasionale Oseaniese en Atmosferiese Administrasie (NOAA) is investigating the death of a dolphin that was impaled while alive in Florida. The bottlenose dolphin was found dead on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. NOAA f...

Missing Indiana mom found dead in vehicle next to 5-month-old son, who is alive

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South Bend police officers were called to investigate the possible sighting of a vehicle on South Kaley Street connected to a recent alert out of Elkhart County. When they arrived at the scene, they found Alexis Mora...

Boston-based Ukrainian woman reveals text from brother amid war: ‘We are alive

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She also described a text from her brother and his family that brought her joy, even amid the devastation and destruction suffered by Ukrainians. RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR: LEEF OPDATE "It's very, very tough, what is happ...

NYC Mayor Eric Adams praises hammer attack victim who says she won’t ride subway, ‘Lucky to be alive

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Dr. Nina Rothschild told WNBC-TV she does not plan to ride the city subways in the short-term, and described how recent crimes in the transit system seem "exceedingly violent, bisar, and revolting." She's lucky t...

California man who kidnapped 26 kinders, buried them alive is recommended for parole

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Frederick Newhall Woods was one of three gunmen who hijacked a school bus with 26 kids and their bus driver in Chowchilla, Kalifornië, in 1976. The men transferred the driver and children to vans and drove them 12 ho ...

Americans in Wyoming ask why we are not doing more to ‘keep freedom alive’ in Ukraine

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"It's rather scary to see the kind of ghosts of the Cold War come back to the fore," Chris from Jackson, Wyoming, aan Fox News gesê. "It's kind of scary to … think that our world is kind of going back to that kind of pla...

Saint Peter's voltooi groot March Madness ontsteltenis 2022: Gonzaga comes alive late to race past Georgia State

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Few turned to be correct. Gonzaga spent 30 minutes struggling to create any separation against the 16th-seeded Panthers before pulling away late for a 93-72 win on Thursday. "Once we started really breaking them down...

Mets star Pete Alonso says he is thankful to be alive after his truck was hit and flipped several times

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New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso expressed his thankfulness to be alive after he said he survived a rollover vehicle accident in Tampa, Florida, op Sondag. Alonso told reporters Monday he was driving his pic...

Mets’ Pete Alonso ‘thankful to be aliveafter car accident, kicked in windshield to escape

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The first baseman, who was driving in Tampa heading to the team’s spring training, said his car flipped over three times. With help from his wife, Haley, who was in another car, Alonso was able to escape without any ...

Ethiopia pledges action after video shows uniformed men burning civilians alive

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Nairobi (Reuters)Ethiopia's government said on Saturday it would act against the perpetrators after a video appeared on social media showing armed men, some in military uniforms, burning civilians to death in the cou...

Vermiste Washington 6-jarige wie broers en susters vrees is 'geëet deur wolwe’ Vermiste Washington 6-jarige wie broers en susters vrees is 'geëet deur wolwe, Vermiste Washington 6-jarige wie broers en susters vrees is 'geëet deur wolwe

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Vermiste Washington 6-jarige wie broers en susters vrees is 'geëet deur wolwe. "Vermiste Washington 6-jarige wie broers en susters vrees is 'geëet deur wolwe.

Ex-Kentucky star Tyler Ulis injured in car crash: ‘Thank God he is alive

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Photos posted on his Instagram Stories showed Ulis with casts on his arms and legs. Ulis’ father James told Lexington Herald-Leader his son was on Interstate 75 between Detroit and Toledo around midnight Friday when ...

Snake Island defenders who defied Russian warship captured alive, not killed: Ukraine Navy

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Ukraine's military lost contact with the 13 marines and border guards on Zmiinyi Island, of "Snake" Island, after a Russian attack, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said each of them would be posthumously ...

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