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Pro poker player arrested on fraud, money laundering charges in connection to alleged sports betting scheme

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Cory Zeidman, 61, a World Series of Poker bracelet winner, faces charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering conspiracy in connection with the scheme, according to a two-count indictm...

A Texas woman is wanted for the alleged murder of an elite cyclist who had a relationship with her boyfriend, dicono le autorità

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Authorities are searching for a Texas woman accused of murdering an elite cyclist who had allegedly dated her boyfriend. Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 34, is wanted on a murder charge in relation to the May 11 shooting...

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: State Department launches unit to document alleged war crimes

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"No country – no matter how large, how potentially powerful, what types of weapons they may have in their arsenal – can escape accountability for the types of atrocities that we have seen Russia’s forces perpetrate a...

Lori Lightfoot’s book banning tweet lampooned amid rising crime, alleged Dem hypocrisy

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"In Texas, reading any damn book I choose," Lightfoot wrote on Sunday. "No banning of books or thought. Ever." Many Twitter users excoriated Lightfoot for the tweet, with some urging her to tend to Chicago's skyrock...

All'asta la presunta collezione di auto sportive sequestrate a un trafficante di droga

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Le auto sportive sono state sequestrate dall'ufficio del procuratore distrettuale nordoccidentale a 2020 dopo l'arresto di Cory Taylor, con cui la polizia ha trovato 138 libbre di marijuana in un furgone che stava guidando durante un traffico di routine..

Beauty queen murder: The trial of Tara Grinstead’s alleged killer kicks off after 16 anni

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Tara Grinstead, 30, an Irwin County High School history teacher, mysteriously vanished from her home in Ocilla, Georgia Oct. 22, 2005, after helping contestants in a local pageant and attending a barbecue. A break i...

Incriminato il presunto tiratore della metropolitana di Brooklyn Frank James

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Secondo l'atto d'accusa del distretto orientale di New York del tribunale distrettuale degli Stati Uniti, un gran giurì ha accusato James di aver compiuto un attacco terroristico contro un sistema di trasporto di massa e di aver sparato un incendio..

Dave Chappelle alleged attacker Isaiah Lee pleads not guilty to misdemeanor charges for tackling comedian

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Isaiah Lee entered a not guilty plea and his bail was set at $ 30,000. Lee had a sling and bandaged arm during his court appearance. His next court date is scheduled for May 20. The judge also ordered that Lee has ...

California socialite Rebecca Grossman ordered to stand trial in alleged hit-and-run deaths of two children

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Rebecca Grossman, 58, was in a Los Angeles County court over several days before Superior Court Judge Shellie Samuels ruled Thursday that she should face the charges against her, which include two felony counts each ...

L'ex proprietario del negozio di laptop di Hunter Biden descrive i "danni collaterali".’ di presunta campagna diffamatoria nei suoi confronti

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MAC ISAAC: Li sto portando in tribunale. … La collusione avvenuta … a metà ottobre di 2020 mi ha solo stupito quando è successo. E... non potevo crederci. È stata solo una decisione unilaterale che tutti chiamano così "Russ...

La star del reality "Fidanzato di 90 giorni" Caroline Schwitzky sopravvive al presunto tentativo di omicidio del fidanzato

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Cole Goldberg, 23, è stato arrestato dalla Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission a West Palm Beach e deve affrontare un'accusa di tentato omicidio di primo grado e batteria -- tocco o sciopero, secondo Palm Beach County...

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer suspended for two seasons after alleged sexual assault

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The suspension comes after a San Diego woman alleged that Bauer beat and sexually abused her last year after meeting on social media. Bauer denies her allegation in the "strongest possible terms." FILE - ...

3 Florida corrections officers are charged in the alleged beating death of an inmate

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Three Florida Department of Corrections officers have been arrested in the alleged beating death in February of an inmate at a prison south of Miami, hanno detto le autorità. Ronald Connor, 24, Christopher Rolon, 29, and K...

Orsolya Gaal’s alleged killer David Bonola hit NYC Chipotle before arrest: rapporto

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David Bonola stopped by the Chipotle location on Austin Street in Queens on Wednesday April 20 attorno 1:20 pm and was "friendly" to an employee who he asked for a water cup, secondo il New York Post. ORSOLYA...

Courtney Stodden says writing their memoir ‘shined a light on’ alleged ‘groomingthat led to marriage at 16

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Stodden, 27, recently spoke to Fox News Digital about rehashing their controversial marriage and other life events while writing their currently untitled book. Stodden, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them...

Arroyo: Every American should be concerned about alleged fed impersonators

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RAYMOND ARROYO: I want to open tonight with Homeland Insecurity. There is a troubling story out of Washington, D.C., that should concern every American on this Good Friday. I want to introduce you to two men you prob...