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New York Times draws attention to Biden’s ‘low-key media strategy,’ fueling ‘concernamong allies

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"As president, ドナルドJ. Trump was a media maximalist whose unavoidable-for-comment style helped generate saturation news coverage, 良くも悪くも. President Biden has taken a stingier approach to his dealings w...

Biden and European allies facing Iran conundrum at the G20

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President Joe Biden and three of his European allies face a complicated conundrum over how they will move forward on their approach with Iran on Saturday, having to decide whether to apply new sanctions as Tehran co...

タリバンがモスクワ会談で援助の支持を勝ち取る, 米国と同盟国は支払うべきだと言っている地域大国と

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アフガニスタンの新しいタリバン支配者は 10 国が経済崩壊と人道活動を食い止めるのを助けるための国連ドナー会議のアイデアのための水曜日のモスクワでの会談での地域大国。.

Uptick in Afghan targeted killings of US allies has veterans groups concerned

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"Once everybody left on Aug 31st, we’ve been just trying to keep them alive," Coburn said, referring to Afghan elite commandos who could not get through the Kabul airport gates. "The huge barrier we faced is because ...

NC congressman’s office describes effort to get Americans, allies out of Afghanistan

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After the Biden administration ordered a complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the country by Aug. 31, officials estimate at least 100 アメリカ人, according to White House chief of staff Ron Klain, and thousands...

バイデンの同盟国は国境危機で党の最悪の侮辱を投げかける: トランプのように振る舞う

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リベラル派は、ハイチの移民がひどく虐待されていることに愕然としている–そして, おそらくもっとそう, バイデン政府が彼らがトランピアン戦術と見なしているものを使用していることにうんざりしている. 保守派も同じです。.

ハニティは、アメリカ人としてのアフガニスタン危機のページをめくるというバイデンのプッシュをたいまつします, 味方は閉じ込められたまま

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"ジョー・バイデン, 彼は今、彼が公式にアフガニスタンのページをめくられていると主張している, 取る, 私は推測する, 勝利ラップ," ハニティは言った. "なんて侮辱的なことか. 彼は私たちの仲間のアメリカ人を助けるために指を持ち上げていません ...

He was lucky to escape Afghanistan, but many of his relatives, friends and other Afghan allies were left behind, in danger and pleading to be evacuated

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After a perilous 14-hour drive from Kandahar, Afghanistan's second-largest city, to the capital of Kabul, a flight to Qatar, another to Washington, DC, and a week in Fort Lee, バージニア, AA and his family finally mad...

その. Hagerty picks up ‘shockfrom US allies over Biden’s Afghanistan exit

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The former U.S. ambassador to Japan made the comments after going to the United Kingdom on Friday and on Saturday to Brussels, ベルギー, where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is headquartered, 効果的に...

Trump adviser Stephen Miller warned of ‘Iraqs and ‘Stansin the US while slow-walking the entry of Afghan allies

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Stephen Miller seemed floored by the idea, raised during a fall Cabinet meeting in 2018, of  keeping open the doors for Afghan allies and other Middle East refugees to enter the US.  "What do you guys want?" Miller...

Veterans banding together during Afghanistan crisis say there’s ‘no appetiteto extract some Afghan allies

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The scenes in Afghanistan took the most tragic turn yet last Thursday when a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport claimed the lives of 13 我ら. サービスメンバーと 170 アフガニスタン人. Yet as the threats continue, evacua...

Retired Green Beret warns Americans, Afghan allies will be trapped behind enemy lines within hours

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MARINES POST PHOTO OF DIGNIFIED TRANSFER OF FALLEN SERVICE MEMBERS KILLED IN KABUL SCOTT MANN: The Pineapple volunteers – these are all special ops volunteers and civilian supporters. We're doing this remote. We're d...

ヘイリー: 米国の同盟国は「私たちなしで会話をしている’ バイデンの「嫌なことを超えて’ 撤回

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"アフガニスタンの状況は嫌なことを超えています," 元国連大使は言った. "私たちが今どこにいるのか見てください, 最初, ジハード主義者は道徳的な勝利を収めています, それはアルカイダとISISとタリバンのためです…juではありません。.

Baffled reporters torch Biden for sharing list of US citizens and allies with Taliban: ‘This is insanity

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"SCOOP: 我ら. officials gave the Taliban a list of names of U.S. 市民, green card holders & Afghan allies to grant entry into the outer perimeter of the city’s airport, prompting outrage behind the scenes from...

Erik Prince to Tucker: America has ‘shattered confidence’ of global allies amid Afghanistan disaster

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The former U.S. Navy SEAL officer preached that the incident will undoubtedly "destroy what’s left of NATO" since the United States has been "so unilateral and so clueless." "For the President of the United States to...

アフガニスタンの混乱にはアメリカ人がいます, 祈る仲間, 締め切りが近づくにつれ、抜け道を求めて

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特別な移民ビザ申請者がタリバンの検問所によって逃亡から遮断された, 引退した海兵隊軍曹. RyanRogersは火曜日にFoxNewsに、非政府組織は非公式に活動していると語った。.

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