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Chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan harms US power abroad, leaves allies questioning the United States: Chabot

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"To make it very simple, the question is will our allies still trust us and will our enemies still fear us. I think that’s an open question," 担当者. Steve Chabot (R-オハイオ) said in an interview to Fox News Digital. Chabo...

China keeps promising its African allies that coronavirus vaccines for the continent are a priority. But where are they?

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China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi concludes a five-day tour of Africa this weekend without making a single concrete vaccine commitment to a continent hoping a benevolent Beijing will help inoculate its population out...

ハニティ: 民主党とそのメディアの暴徒同盟国は、完全に混乱した状態にあります’

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"今晩, 民主党, メディアの暴徒の彼らの親しい同盟国は完全な混乱状態にあります," 彼は言った. "内破する投票数. [大統領] あらゆる面で苦労しているバイデン. 多くはdの状態にあります。.

Trump rages at allies as potential October surprises fizzle

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Halfway through October, President Donald Trump's surprises are sputtering. The developments he not-so-secretly hoped might resuscitate his political chances -- from a pre-election coronavirus vaccine to a damning t...

Project Dynamo co-founder says nonprofit will continue to evacuate Americans, 我ら. allies from Afghanistan

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Co-founder Bryan Stern and former Afghan translator Mohammad Mojadidi, who was evacuated from the nation safely, 参加しました "アメリカのニュースルーム" to discuss the rescue efforts. VOLUNTEER GROUP EVACUATES 39 AMERICANS AND ...

その. Hagerty picks up ‘shockfrom US allies over Biden’s Afghanistan exit

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The former U.S. ambassador to Japan made the comments after going to the United Kingdom on Friday and on Saturday to Brussels, ベルギー, where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is headquartered, 効果的に...

担当者. Ann Wagner: Biden’s incomplete Afghanistan plan hurts interpreters and allies – it’s a disgrace

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No one celebrated more than the Taliban. President Biden made a feeble attempt with the assistance of "cue cards" to convince the media and the American people this was the right decision, leaving us all with more q...

ハニティは、アメリカ人としてのアフガニスタン危機のページをめくるというバイデンのプッシュをたいまつします, 味方は閉じ込められたまま

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"ジョー・バイデン, 彼は今、彼が公式にアフガニスタンのページをめくられていると主張している, 取る, 私は推測する, 勝利ラップ," ハニティは言った. "なんて侮辱的なことか. 彼は私たちの仲間のアメリカ人を助けるために指を持ち上げていません ...


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"私たちを助けてくれた人たちは取り残されることはありません," バイデンは記者団に語った. バイデン政権は米国の公式撤去を開始した. 先月初めにアフガニスタンからの軍隊, 元の脱出日を延期するo ...

Trump administration pushes allies to pressure China over its nuclear program

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Washington The Trump administration is working to pressure NATO allies to collectively crackdown on China's nuclear program as it looks to limit Beijing's growing influence in the global arms race. In a meeting with ...

Trump’s Hill allies could be ensnared in January 6 probe as GOP preps strategy

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has asserted he'd "have no problem talking to anybody" about his conversations with then-President Donald Trump on January 6. That proposition may soon be put to the test. McCa...

バイデンはG7会議の前にアフガニスタンの締め切りに同盟国からの圧力に直面している, タリバンは警告を発する

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G7首脳は火曜日にビデオ会議を介して会合し、タリバンによるカブールの乗っ取りを受けてアフガニスタンで進行中の課題について話し合う予定です。. BIのためのアフガニスタンの呼び出しの元イギリスのマンダー。.

担当者. Waltz ‘fearsfor women, interpreters, allies in Afghanistan following US troop withdrawal

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担当者. Michael Waltz: On Bagram Air Base, this policy is just asinine. It doesn't make sense. This one airbase, if you look at where it's located from that base are drones and Special Forces can go after half the world...

NC congressman’s office describes effort to get Americans, allies out of Afghanistan

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After the Biden administration ordered a complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the country by Aug. 31, officials estimate at least 100 アメリカ人, according to White House chief of staff Ron Klain, and thousands...


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退役軍人は、「コミットメント」をめぐってバイデン会議を要求します’ アフガニスタンの同盟国を避難させる

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イラク戦争のベテランとハイグラウンドベテランアドボカシーの創設者クリストファーゴールドスミスが率いる, 連合のメンバーは彼らが言った "戦時中のパートナーの運命について引き続き懸念を抱いています。" 退役軍人のグループはBideに尋ねました。.

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