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Ohio Senate candidate who compared refugees to alligators is the grandson of refugees aided by resettlement organizations

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An Ohio Senate candidate who has pushed strong anti-refugee messages against Afghans and others is the grandson of refugees from Europe who settled in the Cleveland area with the aid of at least two resettlement org...

Alligators eat lots of things. These prehistoric artifacts were an unusual snack

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Discovering prehistoric artifacts amazing enough. But finding them deep in the belly of a massive alligator -- that's something else. Shane Smith, owner of Red Antler Processing in Yazoo City, Misisipí, was diggi...

Florida man rescues puppy from alligator’s jaws: ‘He was in a death roll’

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Mike McCoy, from Holiday, Florida, was taking his 8-month-old chocolate lab Jake on a walk Tuesday. According to ABC Action News, the two were walking near a pond that’s behind a local middle school when suddenly, a...

La forma extraña y totalmente científica en que los caimanes respiran en agua helada

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Las tormentas invernales han azotado a Estados Unidos esta semana, y muchos animales luchan contra el frio. El caimán de sangre fría, aunque, está pasando la semana con un método inusual de supervivencia. Esta semana, un empleado ...

Cuddling penguins and snorkeling alligators: What animals do to stay warm during extreme cold

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It's not just humans finding ways to stay warm during this week's historic temperature plunge — our animal friends are too. And some of the strategies animal use are pretty cool (pun fully intended). Animals are cl...

Alligators can regrow their tails, nuevo estudio encuentra

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Small reptiles like lizards and geckos are known for their extraordinary ability to regrow their tails, a potentially lifesaving skill in the wild. But it turns out these reptiles are not the only animals in the amn...