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Biden planning to allow some Afghan civil servants employed by Taliban exemption from terror bans

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The draft U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) planning document, reviewed by Fox News, outlines how the Department of Homeland Security is planning on issuing a memorandum to allow Afghan civil servants...

Louisiana public schools may allow parents to choose whether a child quarantines after Covid-19 exposure

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Louisiana public schools are allowed to let parents choose whether they want to quarantine children after exposure to Covid-19, state education officials said. School officials will notify parents if their children ...

Matthew Dowd once urged ‘White male Christianslike himself to ‘step back,’ allow women, minorities to lead

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Dowd, who has launched a Democratic bid for lieutenant governor in Texas, penned an opinion piece for ABC News in 2018 appealing to his racial, religious and gender peers in response to the contentious Supreme Court ...

Islanders won’t allow any unvaccinated players this season, GM says

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Lamoriello spoke to reporters ahead of the start of training camp on Tuesday. He said while the decision to get vaccinated is entirely voluntary, players on his team will need to get the vaccine. BLUE JACKETS FIRE A...

US extends travel restrictions at Mexican and Canadian land borders as it makes plans to allow fully vaccinated foreign visitors to fly to America

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The United States is extending nonessential travel restrictions at land crossings with Canada and Mexico through October 21, even as it makes plans to allow fully vaccinated foreign visitors to come to the US later ...

Taliban to allow 200 people including Americans to fly out of Kabul airport

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Oor 200 mense, among them US nationals, have been cleared by the Taliban to leave Kabul on a Qatari flight, a source with knowledge of the matter told CNN on Thursday. It is unclear at this stage how many America...

NFL will allow social justice phrases on helmets this season

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The league also said teams will be allowed to have the phrases "It Takes All of Us" en "End Racism" emblazoned in their end zones. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Players can choose from the following: "E ...

Florida Board of Education beveel Broward, Alachua-provinsies laat maskering afmeld 48 ure of begin geld verloor

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Die Florida State Board of Education het 'n bevel gestuur aan die amptenare van die skoolraad in Broward en Alachua, wat verklaar dat hulle 48 ure om te voldoen aan die wense van die staat om 'n opt-out-opsie vir maskers toe te laat..

Long Island county legislature votes to allow first responders to sue protesters and sets civil fines of up to $50,000

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The legislature for Nassau County, New York, approved a bill Monday that says anyone who harasses or injures a first responder -- which includes police officers -- can be fined up to $ 50,000 while giving first res...

A Long Island county’s legislature will vote on bill that would allow police to sue protesters and seek damages up to $50,000

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The Nassau County, New York, legislature will vote on a bill Monday that would allow all first responders, including police officers, to sue protesters and seek damages of up to $ 50,000. If the bill passes, eerste ...

Olympic protests are nearly as old as the Games themselves. So why are officials so hesitant to allow them?

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Die Olimpiese Spele in Tokio -- after a long delay -- are finally happening. The opening ceremony formally kicked off the Games Friday and sporting events are underway. There's nothing but excitement in the air, Volgens...

Biden nominee claims Trump-era Title IX regs protecting due process allow students to ‘rape with impunity

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Title IX is the 1972 law barring discrimination based on sex in education and has been the center of heated debate over penalties for students accused of sexual misconduct at universities across the U.S. During Cathe...

Air Force revises physical fitness test to allow walking, planks

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A senior spokesperson for the Air Force confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that changes – designed to personalize the testing process – would be publicly detailed on Thursday. They were explained by the branch’s Chie...

Kentucky to allow college athletes to earn off likeness

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Goewerneur. Andy Beshear said he wielded his executive authority as a matter of fairness for college athletes, adding that for decades companies and institutions have profited off them. "Those athletes deserve to be compens...

Supreme Court rules California must pay private businesses to allow union access

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The US Supreme Court said Wednesday that California cannot allow unions to enter the private property of agricultural businesses to address workers unless the businesses are compensated for the visit, in a case that...

Hungary’s immunity cards allow packed stands, raise concerns

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The only one of the tournament's 10 host countries to allow full crowds in stadiums, Hungary has conducted one of Europe's most successful COVID-19 vaccination drives. The immunity cards attest that their bearers hav...

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