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'Bobaas: Maverick’ star Glen Powell almost wasn’t cast: ‘I took it very personally’

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Powell, 33, shared with The Hollywood Reporter that, in Julie 2018, he got a phone call informing him he didn’t get the role in the film for which he had spent weeks auditioning. "This one I just took very personally...

Federal agents find sophisticated tunnel under US-Mexico border and seize almost a ton of cocaine

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A recently discovered one-third of a mile-long tunnel under the US-Mexico border has a rail track system, electricity and a ventilation system, federal officials said Monday when they announced drug charges against ...

Virginia Democrat says protests outside of justiceshomes ‘will almost certainly have the opposite effect

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The local Virginia Democrat argued that "the most appropriate venue for this to happen" is "at the public institution where policies are introduced, debated and ultimately agreed to or rejected. This is where we list...

Cardinals rookie Christian Matthew almost gave up on NFL dream for Walmart job

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Matteus, who was drafted by the Cardinals with the No. 244 algehele keuse, told reporters after Friday’s rookie minicamp practice he nearly walked away from a possible NFL career to take a job at Walmart. "Moving arou...

Mets cut slumping Robinson Canó with almost $45 million left on deal

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Canó was cut Monday with nearly $ 45 million remaining on his contract, possibly signaling the end of his decorated major league career. The veteran slugger wants to keep playing ball — but he'll have to catch on el...

Tucker: It’s almost impossible to take any of these people seriously

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Op hierdie punt, it's almost impossible to take any of these people seriously and that is not a good thing. It's a bad thing. We need credible public health authorities, but we don't have them. In werklikheid, after all we've...

Detroit elderly man shot while trying to apologize to pedestrians he almost hit with car

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The man was making a turn when he nearly hit the two pedestrians, and as the man rolled down his window to apologize, one of the people who he almost hit shot him at around 6:00 am. on Wednesday morning, volgens t ...

Brandseisoen begin gevaarlik met amper 1 miljoen hektaar reeds verbrand

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Verlede jaar omstreeks hierdie tyd, die aantal akkers wat verbrand is, was maar omtrent die helfte van die huidige totaal. Veldbrande bereik 'n hoogtepunt in die laat lente en duur voort deur die herfs. Die bedreiging vir verhoogde brandgevaartoestande regoor die VSA..

Robin Roberts said she almost turned down a 2012 interview with Barack Obama over concern of being outed

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Robin Roberts nearly turned down a 2012 interview with then-President Barack Obama about marriage equality because she was afraid she would be outed. Die "Goeie more Amerika" anchor said she was told there was a p...

Game wardens find almost 400 illegal shark fins in Texas seafood restaurant

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A game warden and his K9 colleague discovered almost 381 whole shark fins and 29.2 pounds of frozen shark fins at a seafood restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. Kevin Winters, one of two Texas Game Wardens who discove...

Obama said his poll numbers ‘were almost perfectly correlated with the price of gasoline’: FedEx CEO

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Obama "een [tyd] told me in a small group that everybody thought his poll numbers went up on this, that and the other thing," Smith told host Bret Baier. "He said they were almost perfectly correlated with the price...

Almost a quarter of Ukraine’s population has been displaced in 34 days of the Russian war: verslag doen

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New data from the UN Refugee Agency shows that over 10 million people have been directly impacted by the ongoing conflict, met oor 6.5 million people displaced within Ukraine and another 3.7 million Ukrainian refug...

Will Smith was almost ‘removed’ from Oscars after viral Chris Rock smack: verslag doen

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"Having Will removed was definitely discussed seriously," a showbiz insider relayed to People magazine. "You can't plan for something like this and make a split-second decision that needs everyone's buy-in, and in an...

Georgia teenager accepted to almost 50 kolleges

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A Georgia high school senior has received acceptance letters from 49 colleges and over $ 1 million in scholarship offers. Makenzie Thompson, 18, didn't originally plan to apply to over 50 universiteite. But after a...

‘Atlantaalmost had Ryan Gosling as a guest star

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As the third season of "Atanta" premières, its creator and star is sharing about how he almost had a surprising guest star on the hit series. Donald Glover told People he tried to get Ryan Gosling to appear on the s...

‘It was a complete accident’: Nick Kyrgios apologizes after smashed racket almost hits ball boy

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The best and worst of Nick Kyrgios was on display in Indian Wells on Thursday, as the supremely talented yet frustrating Australian lost in three sets to Rafael Nadal in a thrilling quarterfinal clash. Kyrgios gave ...

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