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A Virginia school district is returning a woman’s wallet almost 70 years after she lost it in her high school gym

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A Virginia school district was able to track down a former student to let her know that they had found her lost wallet, casi 70 years after it went missing. A contractor found the wallet in some ductwork in the ru...

Ex-NFL tight end Zach Miller reveals leg was almost amputated after 2017 lesión

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Miller needed vascular surgery to repair a damaged artery as a result of the injury, grafting tissue from his right leg, según ESPN. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . El miércoles, the former tight en...

Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis inspired almost a quarter more Americans to wear a mask, a new poll finds

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One in every five Americans recently polled say they're more likely to wear a mask now that President Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19. Sobre 21% of respondents in a new poll by Axios-Ipsos said they ar...

Ex funcionario del Departamento de Estado: La investigación sobre los orígenes de COVID no encontró casi ninguna evidencia que respalde el origen natural

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"Descubrimos que a pesar de las afirmaciones de nuestra comunidad científica, incluidos los Institutos Nacionales de Salud y el Dr.. Fauci's NIAID organization, Casi no había evidencia que apoyara una, zoonotic ev...

Despite Biden vow, Afghanistan evacuees admitted to US underwent almost no vetting after interviews: reporte

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The alleged lack of vetting of most of the evacuees – which would contradict a Biden vow in August – represents a break from a longtime U.S. policy on refugees, el informe dijo. While the Biden administration screene...

Crystal Hefner says she almost died during cosmetic surgery

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Crystal Hefner says she "almost didn't make it through" a cosmetic procedure and is using the experience to talk about unrealistic beauty standards. Hugh Hefner's widow posted a photo Wednesday on her verified Inst...

La propiedad de James Brown casi se asentó casi 15 años después de su muerte: reporte

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Desde la muerte del cantante en 2006, Los activos de la difunta estrella han estado en el centro de demandas en curso que involucran a sus hijos., una ex pareja romántica y varios administradores. Los problemas legales incluso han retrasado un cap..

Casi 600 Amazon packages found dumped near Oklahoma City

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The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating how almost 600 packages from Amazon ended up dumped in a rural area northeast of Oklahoma City. According to a Facebook post from the sheriff's offi...

New Jersey server receives almost $2G after customer refuses to tip over COVID-19 rules

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Like many restaurants during the pandemic, Glenbrook Brewery – which opened only five weeks ago – has instituted a 90-minute time limit for dine-in customers. sin embargo, one customer apparently didn’t like that policy ...

Australia has lost almost a third of its koala population in three years, foundation says

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Australia has lost about 30% of its koalas over the past three years, with the marsupials hit by drought, bushfires and developers cutting down trees, the Australian Koala Foundation said on Tuesday. The independent...

‘This Is Usboss says it would have ‘felt almost irresponsiblenot to address current events in new season

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All of us need a little "This Is Us." Agradecidamente, the show is back next week with storylines inspired by what has dominated everyone's lives for the past few months. But the decision to wade into heavy waters like t...

Donald Trump’s blog lasted for almost 3 Scaramuccis

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What a magical run! Para 29 dias, ex-President Donald Trump revolutionized digital communication with -- checks notes -- a blog where he occasionally would post his, er, thoughts about the news of the day. That rev...

Kathie Lee Gifford habla sobre la cancelación de la cultura, perdonando a Frank Gifford después de la infidelidad: "Casi me destruye"

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Por décadas, la ex copresentadora de televisión y orgullosa Christian ha compartido profundas discusiones con cualquiera que esté dispuesto a conversar con ella sobre la fe, ya sea que compartan sus creencias o no. Muchas de esas sinceras charlas han inspirado ....

This kindergartner spent almost 2 weeks making 200 New Year’s cards for seniors. Then she broke her piggy bank to buy them a gift

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They say creativity takes courage. And sometimes courage means finding the self-discipline to sit down and handcraft hundreds of cards by yourself, even if you're only 5 años. That was the task burgeoning arti...

Almost two-thirds of female UK military staff report bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, landmark report says

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London Nearly two-thirds of women in the UK military have experienced bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination during their career, a landmark parliamentary report revealed on Sunday. The UK defense subcommitt...

Almost half of reported NY COVID-19 hospitalizations are not due to COVID-19

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Included in the data was a chart showing "how many hospitalized individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 were admitted for COVID-19/COVID-19 complications and how many were admitted for non-COVID-19 conditio...

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