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Dog the Bounty Hunter calls for police to ‘take the lead out of the bullet,’ adopt less-lethal alternatives

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DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: We're starting a campaign right now, it's called, and here's how you get a hold of us: I've arrested over eight thousand fugitives in a forty-three-year career and hav...

‘Defund the Policeadvocates lack effective alternatives for combating violent crime

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Multiple progressive members of Congress – in particular, those affiliated with the so-called "Groep" – as well as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have called for a decrease in or cessation of law enforceme...

David McIntosh: Parents sick of critical race theory and more need alternatives – here’s an easy solution

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The ideological capture of public school districts nationwide is only possible because there is a public monopoly on education that doesn’t allow for robust parental choice. Economic research shows that providing pri...