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'Amici’ alum Lisa Kudrow says she was fired from ‘Frasierbefore landing iconic role: It ‘wasn’t working

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While joining her sitcom co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox on Wednesday’s edition of Sirius XM's "Lo spettacolo di Howard Stern," Kudrow, who played Phoebe on the beloved 30-minute program, revealed that she was al...

‘Bachelor Padalum Erica Rose recalls ‘abusivebikini challenge involving men hurling eggs at women

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The 38-year-old has appeared in numerous reality TV series, from the ABC dating competition series formerly hosted by Chris Harrison, to VH1's "You're Cut Off," "Dott. Phil," "Married to Medicine Houston" e, most rec...

'Laurea breve’ alum Carly Waddell explains emergency hospital visit

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The reality TV star explained the medical ordeal in a long video on Instagram saying it started when she was at an airport on June 14. Waddell, 35, ha detto lei "started having really bad intestinal cramps" and then the ...

L'allume di "Real Housewives" Gretchen Rossi critica Chrissy Teigen per le affermazioni di Michael Costello: 'Disgustoso'

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L'ex "Vere casalinghe di Orange County" la star ha commentato sotto il post su Instagram di Costello e ha chiamato the "Voglie" autore "disgustoso" per il suo presunto comportamento nei confronti di Costello e altri che hanno pubblicamente rivelato...

One Direction alum Liam Payne talks addiction, suicidal ideation during boy band fame

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The 27-year-old singer told Steven Barlett on "The Diary of a CEO" podcast that many of his days were filled with "pills and booze" and he had "moments of suicidal ideation." "si. There is some stuff that I’ve defi...

‘Teen Momalum Farrah Abraham calls Chrissy Teigen’s sex shaming ‘pathetic’: ‘An unfit person in society

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In a new interview with Fox News, il "Mamma adolescente" alum claims Teigen, 35, è "an unfit person in society" after resurfaced tweets showed the cookbook author troll Abraham in 2013, chiamandola a "w---e" su Twitter. "It ...

'Dinastia delle papere’ alum Sadie Robertson returns to TV with scripted show: ‘As always ALL glory to God’

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The series will follow two high school girls from different backgrounds who join a reality TV show later to realize "life is messy, love is hard, and second chances don’t come around every day." Robertson will serve ...

'Laurea breve’ alum Colton Underwood comes out as gay: ‘I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been

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The 29-year-old reality star sat down with "Buon giorno America" host Robin Roberts in an interview that aired Wednesday. "Obviously this year's been a lot for a lot of people, and it's probably made a lot of people...

'Vera casalinga’ l'allume Kara Keough incinta un anno dopo la morte del figlio neonato

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Il "Vere casalinghe di Orange County" L'allume ha confermato la notizia della domenica di Pasqua con un post sui social. "Questa Pasqua è decisamente migliore. Nonostante quella disgraziata notte di Pasqua, Non posso ignorare che anche questo giorno rappresenta ...

'Idolo americano’ alum Casey Goode’s newborn tests positive for Covid-19

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Ex "idolo americano" contestant Casey Goode is asking for "good energy" after she said her newborn son, has coronavirus. Goode, a musician who goes by the name Quigley, shared the news on her verified Instagram a...

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