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Mitsubishi tries to reinvent itself with SUV debut on Amazon

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Mitsubishi unveiled a fully redesigned version of its Outlander SUV on Amazon Live, the streaming service operated by the online retailer, Tuesday evening. Mitsubishi's emailed invitation to the Outlander debut feat...

Oxygen shortage forces evacuation of 60 premature babies from Amazon city

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Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazil's Amazonas State is airlifting 60 premature babies from hospitals in Manaus for emergency care in Sao Paulo, a distance of 3,875 chilometri (2,407 miglia), because of a shortage of oxygen supp...

Sei persone mandate in ospedale dopo che un odore sconosciuto ha provocato l'evacuazione dell'edificio Amazon in California

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Sei persone sono state portate in ospedale e le squadre dei materiali pericolosi sono state chiamate dopo che i dipendenti hanno segnalato un odore sconosciuto in un centro logistico Amazon a Eastvale, California, la società ha detto alla CNN. Più di 1...

'In arrivo 2 America’ sequel to be released on Amazon in March

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"In arrivo 2 America" is coming to Amazon. Amazon Studios has acquired worldwide rights to the sequel to the iconic comedy "Coming to America," which will be available on Prime Video on March 5, 2021. The sequel is set...

Lawmakers say Amazon has ‘turned a blind eyeto potential dangers posed by its own brand

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More lawmakers demanded answers about the safety of products branded with Amazon's name on Wednesday, calling on the company to immediately investigate and recall any electronics posing dangers to customers. In a l...

Shooting at Amazon facility in Jacksonville leaves at least one dead

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One person is dead and one is wounded after a shooting at an Amazon workplace in Florida. Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida, said they were dispatched to reports of shots fired at an Amazon fulfillment center at ...

Is the Amazon safe in Bolsonaro’s hands?

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As world leaders take the virtual stage at the UN General Assembly, they keep highlighting two global crises: The coronavirus pandemic and the inexorable warming of the planet. For Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro...

Amazon expert killed with arrow while working to protect uncontacted tribes in Brazil

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An expert who worked to protect uncontacted Amazonian tribes has been shot and killed with an arrow in Brazil, according to the government's Indigenous affairs agency, Fundação Nacional do Índio (Funai). Rieli Franc...

Tens of thousands of fires are pushing the Amazon to a tipping point

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Fires continue to rage at high levels through the Amazon in Brazil for the second consecutive year, raising concerns among scientists that the rainforest's destruction could eventually reach a point of no return. S...