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Dem impeachment managers target Trump lawyers’ First Amendment argument, calling it a ‘distraction’

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close Video Dem managers allege Trump would incite future violence if allowed to run again Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin warns of future violence if Trump regains office Lead House impeachment mana...

GOP Sens. Roy Blunt, Tim Scott introduce amendment to withhold funds from schools that don’t reopen

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close Video Martha MacCallum on Biden's school guidance: Health officials advised it’s ‘safe’ for kids to return ‘The Story’ host Martha MacCallum provides insight into President Biden’s school guidance on ‘Ameri...

CNN legal analyst panned for claiming ‘you don’t have a First Amendment right to lie

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close Video Trump lawyers making First Amendment case ahead of impeachment trial FOX News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram has the details from Capitol Hill on 'Special Report' A CNN legal analyst raise...

Thailand backs amendment allowing early-stage abortions

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Bangkok, ThailandThai lawmakers have voted in favor of allowing abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy while retaining penalties for later terminations, a move that pro-choice activists said fell short of protecting th...

200 Huis Republikeine onderteken brief ter beskerming van Hyde Wysiging

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sluit Video Sen. Kamala Harris kritiseer die voormalige verslaggewer Joe Biden oor die Hyde-wysigingssenator Kamala Harris kritiseer die voormalige standpunt van die voormalige visepresident Joe Biden oor die Hyde-wysiging, om te wetgewing ...

Republicans press constitutional amendment term-limiting members of Congress

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sluit Video Sen. Rick Scott's Big Idea: Congressional term limits Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., shared his big idea of imposing term limits on members of Congress in a discussion with Fox News. Sy. Ted Cruz, R-Tex ...

Regter Andrew P. Napolitano: Free speech, the First Amendment and our modern tech-filled world

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close Video Apple CEO Tim Cook: Big Tech has rules, regulations that people need to abide by ‘Fox News Sunday’ anchor Chris Wallace discusses Big Tech censorship with Apple CEO Tim Cook in an exclusive interview....

Armed protesters gather in Richmond, support 2nd Amendment rights on ‘Lobby Day

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close Video FBI vetting National Guard troops in Washington ahead of Biden inauguration Fox News senior strategic analyst Jack Keane discusses security precautions for the event on ‘America’s Newsroom.’ Armed p...

Manchin sê die 14de wysiging moet 'n oorweging wees’ vir Sens. Hawley, Cruz

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close Video top headlines for January 16<br> Wes-Virginia Demokratiese Sen. Joe Manchin sê die verwydering van Sens. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, over their objections to the 2020 presidential elec...

Clyburn stel voor dat die 14de wysiging Trump kan weerhou om sy amp te beklee

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sluit Video Clyburn sê die 14de wysiging moet Trump weerhou om sy amp te beklee. House Majority Whip sê vir 'Your World' dat die president se gedrag slegter was as enige ander uitvoerende hoof van die House Majority Wh ...

‘Groep’ lid beskuldig VP van ‘lafhartigheid’ omdat hy nie die 25ste wysiging gebruik het om Trump te verwyder nie

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sluit Video The House vergader om 'n artikel van beskuldiging teen die president te bespreek<br> Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-mis., sê vise-president Mike Pence se besluit om nie die 25ste wysiging van die remo op te roep nie..

Huis berei voor om te stem oor die beroep op Trump-verwydering via die 25ste wysiging

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sluit video Andy Biggs reageer op die beskuldiging van die huis teen Trump Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Az, bespreek die waarskynlike beskuldiging van president Trump vandeesweek oor 'oortyd oortyd'. Die Huis van Verteenwoordigers ...

Huisvate in die rigting van nuwe Trump-beskuldiging, sal Dinsdag oor die resolusie stem

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sluit Video Trump is nie 'fisies of geestelik nie in staat' om sy magte uit te oefen nie: Ilya Shapiro Ilya Shapiro, skrywer van 'Supreme Disorder', weeg in by die tweede Trump-beskuldiging deur Demokrate. Met net agt ...

Clyburn accuses resigning Trump Cabinet members of ‘running awayfrom 25th Amendment duty

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close Video Clyburn: Joe Biden will move America ‘towards a more perfect union’ House Majority Whip tells Fox News 'Democracy 2020' addressing coronavirus pandemic should be Biden’s top priority. House Majority...

Gregg Jarrett: Pelosi and Schumer wrong to claim Trump can be removed with 25th Amendment

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close Video Exposing the left's pipe dream of invoking the 25th Amendment The Federalist co-founder Ben Domenech joins 'The Ingraham Angle' to weigh in on growing calls to remove Trump Calls by the top Democrat...

Several Cabinet secretaries informally discuss invoking 25th Amendment but Pence ‘highly unlikelyto pursue

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Inquiries about invoking the 25th Amendment have been coming into Vice President Mike Pence's advisers and those discussions have been under way, a source close to the vice president said Thursday, with several Cabi...

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