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American Athletic Conference rebuilding with 6 C-USA schools

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The AAC announced the additions Thursday, a move that it hopes will stabilize the conference in the short term and allow it to withstand future poaching of its members by wealthier leagues. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS DEPORTES..

Biden-Putin meeting: American press manhandled by Russian security agents

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Inside the room, Biden and Putin were seated with a small wooden table in between them, and a large globe was just behind the table. Large U.S. and Russian flags were erected on each side of the globe. BIDEN-PUTIN M...

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, the city’s first African American mayor, muere en 93

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Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, the city's first African American mayor, ha muerto a la edad 93. Dinkins died Monday evening at his residence on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, the New York City Police Depar...

American Airlines passenger attacks attendant: ‘Cops aren’t going to do anything to me

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Según informes, a passenger on an American Airlines flight struck one of the flight attendants multiples times midway through the flight on Sunday. The attack was allegedly sparked after the passenger got into ...

‘American Pickers’ star Frank Fritz fires back at former co-star Mike Wolfe: His ‘statement was bulls—t’

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El primero "Recolectores americanos" star slammed the co-host’s statement about his departure from the hit History Channel series. En julio 21, Wolfe, 57, took to Instagram and released a lengthy statement, sharing he will "...

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma to perform together at American Music Awards

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Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are set to perform together at the American Music Awards in a world premiere of their new songs "Pa' Ti" y "Lonely," from Lopez's upcoming film, "Marry Me." ABC announced the collaborati...

"Recolectores estadounidenses’ la esposa de la estrella Mike Wolfe solicita el divorcio: informes

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Jodi Catherine Wolfe solicitó el divorcio en el condado de Williamson, Tennessee en noviembre pasado, TMZ revelado. Su razón de la separación se enumera como diferencias irreconciliables.. La pareja se casó en Franklin., Tenn. I...

La estrella de "American Pickers", Danielle Colby, comparte una sonrisa con el presentador Mike Wolfe en medio de la "triste" salida de Frank Fritz

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los "Recolectores americanos" La estrella recientemente tomó Instagram y compartió una nueva sonrisa del presentador Mike Wolfe mientras viajan sin el ex coanfitrión Frank Fritz.. "Me encanta pasar tiempo con @mikewolfeamericanpicker,"...

Nikki McKibbin, 'Idolo Americano’ concursante, ha muerto en 42

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Nikki McKibbin, a contestant on the first season of "idolo Americano," ha muerto. Ella estaba 42. McKibbin suffered an aneurysm on Wednesday, her husband Craig Sadler announced Saturday in a Facebook post. McKibbin was kep...

Jennifer Lopez accused of copying Beyoncé at the American Music Awards

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From the outfit to the hair to the chair dancing and lighting, Jennifer Lopez's American Music Awards performance Sunday night looked very familiar to some. The singer performed a sexy duet Sunday night with male ar...

Get ready for the 2020 Premios de la música americana

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los 2020 American Music Awards are on Sunday night, and here's what's in store for music fans. Primero, where to watch. Viewers can watch on ABC or on ABC's website with a TV provider login. If you have a streaming s...

Greg Gutfeld: Qué mensaje tan asombroso enviado por los votantes estadounidenses

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Pero qué mensaje tan asombroso enviado por los votantes estadounidenses. A estas alturas ya has escuchado las explicaciones. Los padres estaban hartos de wokismo racista destructivo, el adoctrinamiento involuntario de sus hijos, el ideologico, cerebro robótico ...

Ireland’s lacrosse team gives its spot in an international tournament to a Native American team

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In a remarkable show of sportsmanship, Ireland's lacrosse team is withdrawing from an international tournament to allow a Native American team to play instead. The team withdrew from The World Games 2022 and the Iro...

Laura Ingraham: Biden anuncia ataque a la riqueza estadounidense

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Es una locura pedir a los estadounidenses trabajadores, sin importar cuánto dinero ganen, que den más a un grupo de burócratas en Washington.. Si algo, deberíamos buscar recortar el gobierno y dar ...

NASCAR’s first Arab American female driver to make her debut at Daytona International Speedway

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Toni Breidinger says that when she sat behind the wheel of a go-kart at age 9, she knew she would become a race car driver. Twelve years later, Breidinger has become the first Arab American female driver to particip...

'Idolo Americano’ alum Casey Goode’s newborn tests positive for Covid-19

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Anterior "idolo Americano" contestant Casey Goode is asking for "good energy" after she said her newborn son, has coronavirus. Goode, a musician who goes by the name Quigley, shared the news on her verified Instagram a...

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