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Luke Bryan to miss first ‘American Idollive show due to Covid diagnosis

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"idolo Americano" judge Luke Bryan is sitting out the first live show after testing positive for Covid-19, the singer announced on Monday. "I'm sad to say I won't be a part of tonight's first live @AmericanIdol show,...

The Asian American Foundation launches with $125M commitment to benefit AAPI communities

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The National Basketball Association and the Citi Foundation are among big names who have spoken in support of the TAAF’s official launch on Monday as "a convener, incubator, and funder for the Asian American and Paci...

Exclusivo: Estadounidense encarcelado en Rusia pide a Biden que tome una "acción decisiva"’ para detener la detención de ciudadanos estadounidenses

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Paul Whelan, un estadounidense encarcelado en Rusia, pidió al presidente Joe Biden que "discutir y resolver agresivamente" la cuestión de los ciudadanos estadounidenses detenidos por motivos políticos cuando se reúne con el presidente Vladimir Puti..

Nelly Korda a major winner and face of American women’s golf

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As she stood on the first tee at Atlanta Athletic Cub, tied for the lead in the KPMG Women's PGA Championship with a shot at winning her first major, older sister Jessica had just finished the front nine and made a d...

How the stained-glass divide is straining American politics

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New county-level findings on Americans' religious affiliations show the two parties glaring across a deep chasm in America's changing spiritual landscape. The religious fault line between the two sides is only deepe...

American teen Harrison wins first Olympic women’s canoe 200

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The American teenager made women's Olympic history on Thursday when she surged over the back half of the first canoe 200 sprint final to overtake Laurence Vincent Lapointe of Canada for the gold medal. The Olympics a...

Critics slam WaPo column for blaming crisis in Afghanistan on American people

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"If you ask me who is to blame, I would point not only to Biden but to former president Donald Trump — and to all of us, the people of America. By carrying out this pell-mell withdrawal from Afghanistan, our leaders,...

Cheeseburgers: 5 facts about the American favorite

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De hecho, we love them so much, we celebrate National Cheeseburger Day each year on Sept. 18. According to a May 2020 YouGov poll, a majority of Americans enjoy eating burgers, con 73% of respondents said they like ...

Minnetonka shoe brand apologizes for profiting off Native American imagery

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Minnetonka, a popular Minnesota-based shoe brand known for its moccasins, has apologized to Native communities across the country for profiting off of designs inspired by Native culture. The apology from Minnetonka ...

Cardi B to host American Music Awards

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The rapper behind such hits as "Bodak Yellow" y "Dinero" has been tapped to host the fan-voted awards show airing from Los Angeles on ABC on Nov. 21. "We are immensely excited to have the dynamic Cardi B bring her ...

Acuerdo comercial con China estranguló el sueño americano: Rubio

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La Ley de Relaciones con China de 2000 permitió que China se convirtiera en miembro permanente de la Organización Mundial del Comercio (EN ESO) y abrió el mercado de China a nivel mundial. Pero Rubio argumentó que "consenso bipartidista defectuoso" era un "crítico...

Will Cain en 'Superados en número': Biden ha ‘perdido al pueblo estadounidense’ con mentiras y división

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LA CASA BLANCA DE BIDEN TAMBIÉN DESPUÉS DE UNA SEMANA DE DERROTAS, RETROCESOS, Y LA POLÍTICA FRACASA CAÍN: El presidente se presentó durante la campaña como el mesías. Demagogó que sería capaz de frenar el coronavirus. el fi...

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, the city’s first African American mayor, muere en 93

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Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, the city's first African American mayor, ha muerto a la edad 93. Dinkins died Monday evening at his residence on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, the New York City Police Depar...

An American doctor went to India last year to care for protesting farmers. The conditions on the ground convinced him to stay

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When Dr. Swaiman Singh boarded a flight to India last December, he thought he would be there for a week, tops. Back home in New Jersey, life for the 34-year-old was "literally perfect." His career was taking off, w ...

'Idolo Americano’ judge Luke Bryan’s wife addresses rumor contestant Wyatt Pike departed over ‘fight’ with star

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Roughly a week ago, "idolo Americano" frontrunner Wyatt Pike departed the popular singing competition show. En Instagram, the 20-year-old singer said he left the show due to "personal reasons," but didn't offer any fur...

'Idolo Americano’ el finalista Caleb Kennedy después de las superficies de video del capó estilo KKK

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Caleb Kennedy está fuera de la cima 5 en "idolo Americano" y se disculpó por un video que lo muestra con alguien que lleva una capucha estilo Ku Klux Klan. CNN se ha comunicado con ABC, la red en la que "idolo Americano" aire...