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Viewing Monkeypox through the lens of COVID is not correct, there is no pandemic potential: Dr. Amish Adalja

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DR.AMISH ADALJA: This is something we have dealt with before. What’s interesting about this outbreak that’s occurring now is it's transmitting person to person with people who haven’t been to any of the endemic areas...

Ohio deputy encounters ‘drunk Amish guyslumped over in moving buggy: ‘The horse knows how to get home

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Ashtabula Sheriff's Deputy Mike Talbert attempted to stop the buggy at around 2:43 am. in Orwell, Ohio, but was unsuccessful and told other officers that the driver of the horse and buggy looked like he was asleep, ...

2 mense is vermoor en 8 kinders beseer nadat Amish-gesin se karretjie agteropgesit is

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’n Egpaar is dood en hul agt kinders is beseer nadat die gesin se Amish-perdekarretjie Sondagaand in Sentraal-Virginia agteropgesit is., Corinne Geller, woordvoerder van die staatspolisie, het in 'n verklaring aan CNN gesê....