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Biden celebrates and prepares to expand Amtrak despite decades of cost overruns and bad service

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As a former senator from Delaware, "Amtrak Joe" famously rode the train between his home in Wilmington and Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA., every day. So it's perhaps not surprising that tucked into Biden’s American Jobs Plan is $...

Biden uses his long history with Amtrak to put a personal touch on infrastructure push

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President Joe Biden on Friday pitched his infrastructure proposal's investments in American railroads from a venue that no doubt felt very familiar to him: an Amtrak platform in Philadelphia. Speaking from the 30th...

‘Amtrak Joecould arrive for his inauguration by train

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Washington President-elect Joe Biden could return to the nation's capital for his inauguration ceremony the way he long bridged his life at home and his job in politics: On an Amtrak train from Wilmington, Delaware, ...