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Andrew Brooks, quien dirigió el desarrollo de la primera prueba de saliva Covid-19 aprobada por la FDA, muere en 51

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Andrew Brooks, un profesor de investigación en la Universidad de Rutgers que dirigió el desarrollo de la primera prueba de saliva Covid-19 aprobada por la FDA, murió repentinamente en enero 23, según una declaración de Rutgers. Su hermana, Janet Gree ...

ACTUALIZACIONES EN VIVO: Las protestas de Andrew Brown Jr continúan hasta la octava noche en Carolina del Norte

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"Di su nombre! Andrew Brown! Manos arriba! No disparar!" los manifestantes corearon, según las noticias & Observador. Andrew Carter, un reportero para el periódico, publicó que cinco personas fueron arrestadas. A B C 11 reportó que ...

Bongino: ‘Nothing will happento Andrew Cuomo because Democrats are ‘a protected class

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Bongino explained to listeners who were awaiting his take on the burgeoning scandal that although he does not like his fellow Queens, N.Y. nativo, many times Democrats in his position either aren't covered well by th...

Andrew Cuomo gets kisses from his dog Captain on fishing trip

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The 63-year-old posted a batch of new photos to his Instagram account showcasing his faithful companion, his dog Captain. Cuomo uploaded pics of the Siberian Husky mix licking his face as the two relaxed on a small b...

Andrew Cuomo sex-misconduct complaint dismissed by judge

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The livestream for the virtual hearing had a rocky start, with several minutes of indiscernible noises and muffled speech from the courtroom. Cuomo, represented by Michael McDermott and Rita Glavin, did not make a st...

Andrew Yang tearfully explains giving away his dog Grizzly

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The New York City mayoral wannabe teared up on Monday while describing what he called a "difficult" decision to give away Grizz to a friend after his allergic son had a respiratory attack. "That’s when I knew that we...

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: The government’s emergency powers myth

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I am using the example of Murphy in order to address the concept of emergency powers, but there is no hyperbole here. Murphy quite literally issued executive orders barring folks from doing what the Constitution guar...

Could Andrew Cuomo pardon himself before leaving office?

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Cuomo has denied the allegations contained in state Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation, which claimed he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with 11 mujer, including former and current state employees,...

London police taking ‘no further actionover Prince Andrew review

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London London's police force has decided to take "no further action" against Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, following a review sparked by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has filed a lawsuit against him in New York fo...

Andrew Brown Jr. search warrant: Drug deals captured on camera weeks before fatal police shooting

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Brown's family and their attorneys entered the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office Monday afternoon to be privately shown the body camera footage of the shooting – following a two-hour delay that Pasquotank County Att...

NY Dem blasts reporter who asked why she appeared with Andrew Cuomo after demanding he resign

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"I’m here today with the governor because politics is politics and business is business," Richardson, un demócrata, told the reporter before accusing her of asking an "inapropiado" pregunta. REPORTER ACCUSES GOV. CU...

Andrew Cuomo musical, ‘A Turtle on a Fence Post,’ headed to Broadway

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New York City’s next big off-Broadway production is hoping for your vote and a powerful spot on the Great White Way. Hank Morris, 67, a political consultant who pleaded guilty back in 2010 for his involvement in a pe...

"Hay poder en ese miedo": Andrew Cuomo acecha en la carrera para reemplazarlo

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Más de tres meses después de que dimitiera en desgracia, ex gobernador de Nueva York. Andrew Cuomo existe en el limbo político -- no completamente descartado como una fuerza gastada, pero marginado a medida que la campaña para reemplazarlo se calienta..

La historia sigue empeorando para Andrew Cuomo en Covid-19

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En medio de la controversia sobre si el gobernador de Nueva York. La administración de Andrew Cuomo subestimó a sabiendas las muertes entre los residentes de hogares de ancianos durante el apogeo de la pandemia de Covid-19 en el estado., un ayudante superior f ...

Relatives of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Andrew Brown meet with lawmakers, White House officials

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Yocharlakeeta Brown-Floyd, the sister-in-law of George Floyd; Philoise Floyd, George Floyd's brother; and Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, and members of the family of Andrew Brown were all in attendance. SU. T ...

Tim Graham: Andrew Cuomo, brother Chris and CNNthe shameless liberal media strikes again

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No. 1: Isn't it fascinating how a probe like this can just vanish for months at a time? At the end of June, Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center noted that after 82 minutes of Cuomo scandal coverage in March, El r...

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