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Bill Maher rips higher-ed ‘racket,’ says Lori Loughlin ‘understood that one good scam deserves another

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"Now that graduation season has ended and we won't be spoiling anyone's big day, let's talk about what higher education in America really is: a racket that sells you a very expensive ticket to the upper-middle class,...

Christina Aguilera opens up about hardships as a child star: ‘You’re all pitted against one another

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Ahora, at the age of 40, la "Beautiful" songstress is reflecting on how far she's come in her career and credited her "fighting spirit" for helping her to overcome obstacles in the public eye. Navigating fame at an ea...

Disney World opens COVID-19 vaccine clinic for employees: ‘Another option

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Walt Disney World has opened a private coronavirus vaccination site for employees to get inoculated, the Florida theme park confirmed to Fox News on Thursday. The clinic is being run by the Walt Disney World Health S...

Is California going to recall *another* governor?

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Fortunes can change in a moment in politics. In the spring of 2020, Gobernador de California. Gavin Newsom (D) was riding high, bolstered by his perceived able handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the state. Today he faces...

Trump talks of ‘another four yearsduring White House Christmas reception

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Washington President Donald Trump talked during a Christmas reception at the White House on Tuesday about spending four more years in office -- whether that starts in January 2021 or January 2025, according to a sour...