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Sy. Ron Johnson sends letters to Moderna, Pfizer CEOs seeking answers about COVID-19 vaccines

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The conference in Milwaukee included stories from five people, four of whom were women, from across the country who experienced adverse reactions to the vaccines and experienced "refusal or reluctance" from their doc...

Arizona Republicans call for answers over report that HHS can’t reach 1 in 3 migrant kids

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Amid a spike in unaccompanied children at the border, the Biden administration has been quickly moving them through Border Patrol into Health and Human Services (HHS) toesig, which then released them to sponsors, geen...

GOP lawmaker wants answers on massive border contract that went to nonprofit with ties to ex-Biden adviser

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Axios first reported the contract, which is the largest ever awarded to the nonprofit, Family Endeavors, from the Department of Health and Human Services. The nonprofit also received a grant from the Department of Ho...

Supreme Court’s head fake leaves Texas women waiting for answers on abortion rights

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Women in Texas who have been blocked from exercising their constitutional right to obtain an abortion for almost three months had reason to expect Monday that the Supreme Court was poised to rule on challenges to th...

Surfside gebou ineenstorting: Multiple lawsuits seek to get answers, assign blame

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Authorities have opened criminal and civil investigations into the collapse of the oceanfront condominium building, wat darem vertrek het 28 confirmed dead and more than 117 unaccounted for. Miami-Dade State Attorney K...

Senators seeking answers on Afghanistan express frustration with Biden administration

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Washington Senate Republicans and Democrats expressed deep frustration with the Biden administration Tuesday, complaining that Secretary of State Antony Blinken is the only official to testify on the US withdrawal fr...

House Republicans demand answers from VP Harris on ‘politically motivatedborder decision

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Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, authored a letter with her 25 GOP committee colleagues to Harris on Thursday that questions whether a campaign pledge the vi...

Betsy McCaughey: COVID entstof gelykheid? VS verdien antwoorde op booster shots vs.. donasies aan die res van die wêreld

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Versterkers te gee aan ingeënt mense in ryk lande, terwyl miljoene in arm lande nie ingeënt word nie, is niks minder as gierigheid nie, het direkteur-generaal van die Wêreldgesondheidsorganisasie, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, op Monda gesê..

House Republicans submit resolution of inquiry seeking answers from Biden administration over border crisis

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The resolution requests that the administration, through the president, submit documents and communications related to the administration’s handling of the border, and comes after complaints by Republicans that the D...

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother calls lock-up a ‘house of horrors’; judge seeks answers for alleged treatment

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The alleged madam’s brother, Ian Maxwell, issued a statement in which he called for surveillance footage from the "house of horrors" to be reviewed for any information to show how she suffered the injury. Amerikaanse. Dist...

Tucker Carlson: We’re allowed to ask questions and demand answers

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So they set out on the journey of a lifetime with just the clothes on their backs. They took nothing, apart from a private jet, iPhones for selfies and regular social media updates, as well as a case of Miller Lite f...

The White House medical team isn’t giving straight answers on Trump’s health

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The White House physician, surrounded by a group of other doctors, emerged just before noon on Saturday from Walter Reed medical center to give a sunny update on President Donald Trump's condition after his positive...

Huis Republikeine eis antwoorde van CDC oor die oënskynlik gesellige verhouding met vakbonde vir onderwysers

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GOP-leiers in die House Energy and Commerce Committee maak alarm oor nuut vrygestelde e-posse wat 'n vlaag kommunikasie toon tussen CDC-direkteur, dr.. Rochelle Walensky, haar beste adviseurs- en onderwysersvakbond ...

Cruz hou saam met die minister van landbou, Vilsack, oor die amnestie-wetsontwerp, noem sy antwoorde ‘kunsmis’

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Vilsack verskyn op 'n verhoor oor die rol van immigrante plaaswerkers in die Senaat se regskomitee, en was een van 'n aantal sprekers en wetgewers wat positief gepraat het oor die Wet op die modernisering van plaaswerkers, wat ...

Democrats slam Esper’s curt answers on the military’s involvement in the election

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Washington Two Democratic members of Congress slammed Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's curt answers on the military's potential role in the upcoming presidential election and transfer of power after he declined to e...

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