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Supreme Court’s head fake leaves Texas women waiting for answers on abortion rights

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Women in Texas who have been blocked from exercising their constitutional right to obtain an abortion for almost three months had reason to expect Monday that the Supreme Court was poised to rule on challenges to th...

Nancy Grace continues her quest for answers in Petito case in Fox Nation special

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The special which aired on Fox News Sunday night delved into the new facts of the high-profile case which experienced huge breakthroughs this past week. Op Woensdag, the FBI announced investigators had recovered hum...

Lee Zeldin on migrants relocating to NY: We need a secure border, antwoorde

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MIDNIGHT RUNS: BIDEN SECRETLY FLYING UNDERAGE MIGRANTS INTO NY IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT LEE ZELDIN: …it was a secret. Some of these flights come in the middle of the night. There's no heads up. Now if you want to questio...

Huis -Republikeine eis antwoorde van progressiewe groepe oor moontlike bande met die Chinese Kommunistiese Party

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Die vier groepe wat 'n afskrif van die brief sal ontvang, is die Sunrise Movement, Vereniging van Bekommerde Wetenskaplikes, MoveOn en Grondwerke. In die brief, Rodgers, wat dien as Republikeinse minister van energie en handelskomitee..

James Carafano: Afghanistan blame game testimony by our military leaders didn’t yield answers America needs

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I’m not sure how many military people are actual devotees of ancient Japanese culture, but they all, from buck private to four-star general, got this reference to a stylized drama with a predictable ending. And so it...

Swak quarterback-spel het Groot Tien wat skarrel vir antwoorde

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Geen. Die mees herhaalde vraag in sokker het 'n dawerende herlewing rondom die Groot Tien gemaak na nog 'n naweek gevul met minder as uitstekende quarterback-spel. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Ons....

US seeks answers to why Europe keeps winning Ryder Cup

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All but one of their players is among the top 20 in the world — the lone exception is Ryder Cup rookie Scottie Scheffler at No. 21. Six of them are major champions. They have the FedEx Cup champion and the Olympic go...

Tom Brady answers the most burning question: Can he play until he’s 50?

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Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Rob Gronkowski answered the internet’s burning questions in a taped segment for the team. Both players were wearing reflective sunglasses and Brady was in a bucket hat. KLIK H ...

House Republicans submit resolution of inquiry seeking answers from Biden administration over border crisis

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The resolution requests that the administration, through the president, submit documents and communications related to the administration’s handling of the border, and comes after complaints by Republicans that the D...

Senators seeking answers on Afghanistan express frustration with Biden administration

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Washington Senate Republicans and Democrats expressed deep frustration with the Biden administration Tuesday, complaining that Secretary of State Antony Blinken is the only official to testify on the US withdrawal fr...

Arizona Republicans call for answers over report that HHS can’t reach 1 in 3 migrant kids

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Amid a spike in unaccompanied children at the border, the Biden administration has been quickly moving them through Border Patrol into Health and Human Services (HHS) toesig, which then released them to sponsors, geen...

Hawley pens scathing letter to Biden admin demanding answers about ‘unlawful’ entstof mandaat

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In the biggest push yet by the federal government to get more Americans vaccinated, Biden called on the Labor Department and its Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to draft an emergency temporary st...

David Marcus: Looking for answers as California considers kicking Newsom out of office

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But this is not only a national race and story, it is also a state and local affair. And in a state as large as California this means that a wide range of issues, some with lesser national implications, will also be ...

2 verdagtes in Arizona wat op kamera vasgevang is waar hulle bejaarde perde mishandel, eienaars soek antwoorde

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’n Adjunk het rondgeantwoord 9:30 am. na 'n eiendom in Desert Foothills, oor 6 myl suid van Phoenix, na 'n verslag van twee mans wat oornag twee perde met klippe geslaan en gegooi het, die Maricopa County Sheriff'...

Biden beantwoord uiteindelik vrae oor verslaggewers van verslaggewers van die Withuis na intense druk

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"Ek het geen twyfel gevind oor ons geloofwaardigheid van ons bondgenote regoor die wêreld nie," Biden gesê in antwoord op 'n vraag oor die wêreldwye gevolge van die debakel in Afghanistan. "I've spoken with our NATO allies… The fa...

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