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Here’s what happened during the anthems at the NFL season opener

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Il 2020 NFL season kicked off Thursday evening with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium. With a few fans in the audience, the game honored two national anthems -- both the "Star-...

Coldstream Guards play England football anthems on Prince Charles’ prato

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London Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, invited the band of the Coldstream Guards regiment to play instrumental versions of "Three Lions" e "Sweet Caroline" in the garden of his London residence on Tuesd...

Two national anthems ‘unhealthyfor unification of America: Jason Whitlock

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Whitlock spoke with Thomas in an interview Thursday, come parte di "Fearless with Jason Whitlock" podcast, where the former basketball star suggested that playing both national anthems is only dividing the country i...

International Olympic Committee calls for ban on Russian and Belarusian flags, anthems at sporting events

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The IOC Executive Board (EB) issued a statement reminding all International Sports Federations that Russia’s recent attacks on Ukraine are a "breach of the Olympic Truce" which was previously agreed on by 193 members...