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Germany puts anti-lockdown group under surveillance for possible extremist ties

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Berlin Germany's intelligence service is putting some anti-lockdown activists under surveillance because of concerns they are attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the federal state. The country's Federal Office ...

Violent clashes erupt during anti-lockdown demonstrations in Europe

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Protests in European countries against new Covid-19 restrictions turned violent over the weekend as cases continue to rise in the continent. Rioting broke out at The Hague on Saturday over the Dutch government's new...

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Australia

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Ten minste 235 people were arrested and 10 police officers injured following a large anti-lockdown protest on Saturday in Melbourne, Australië. Daar was 2,000 police officers in the Melbourne central business distri...

Australia suffers its worst day of Covid-19 pandemic as anti-lockdown protests flare

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Thousands of protesters defied coronavirus lockdowns to hit the streets of Australia's largest cities on Saturday, as the country recorded its highest single-day caseload since the pandemic began. The states of New ...