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Solo 42% of DC murder cases were closed after anti-police movement and it could get worse, criminologists say

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Killers weren’t arrested in more than half of the murders committed in the nation’s capital in 2021, according to one analysis – a figure that could worsen without major changes, given the nature of how homicides are...

Massachusetts rally honors fallen police officers to combat anti-police staffing problems

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Ahead of National Police Weekend, the community came together waving flags and holding signs and pictures of officers who made the ultimate sacrifice, WGGB-TV reported. SEATTLE POLICE STAFFING WOES PROMPT EMERGENCY D...

DCCC’s new top hires promoted anti-police rhetoric, defund police movement

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Christale Spain, a former senior adviser of the South Carolina Democratic Party, expressed her excitement Tuesday night after being tapped as the DCCC’s senior adviser for Black engagement. A maggio 2020, as protests c...

I critici criticano Fairfax, Scuole della Virginia per un video anti-polizia diretto agli alunni di seconda elementare: "Danneggiare i bambini"’

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Una scuola elementare a Falls Church, Va., da allora ha rimosso il curriculum, che a un certo punto ritrae un giovane narratore che afferma "Mi sento al sicuro dove non c'è polizia." Il distretto scolastico pubblico della contea di Fairfax lat...

Gutfeld blasts Cori Bush’s ‘incoherent’ anti-police rant, simultaneous defense of private security

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"I cinque" host Greg Gutfeld considered the congresswoman’s on-air performance to be incoherent and hypocritical and challenged her to be empathetic towards her own constituents who don’t have the luxury of personal ...

Former Space Force commander: Pentagon’s ‘extremism analysisproject appears to skip anti-police slogans

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The Pentagon is reportedly working with a Great Britain-based extremism analysis company that considers the web search "the truth about Black Lives Matter" and others to be signs of interest in or engagement with Whi...

Law enforcement’s fears are changing amid anti-police rhetoric

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"When I first started this job, I was told from the very beginning you are not going to be fearful of getting hurt at work, you are not going to be fearful of getting killed in the line of duty," Larkin said. "Is it ...

Black Atlanta officer who was shot six times dissects anti-police climate in ‘Honoring the Badge

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As noted in the special, Turner had been engaging in an on-foot chase with a young man who was previously identified brandishing a firearm. After being asked twice to show the officer his hands, the juvenile shot Tur...

Il sindacato della polizia di Los Angeles chiede alla NBA di indagare sull '"ipocrita"’ LeBron James’ tweet anti-polizia

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"... Nessun ufficiale vuole togliersi una vita, ma ti dirò una cosa, quell'ufficiale ha salvato una vita e lui è un eroe," Ha detto McBride "L'angolo di Ingraham" Martedì LEBRON JAMES HA ELIMINATO L'UFFICIALE DI TWEET NEL NEGOZIO DELLA POLIZIA DELL'OHIO..

Ufficiale della polizia di Los Angeles che ha scritto una lettera a LeBron James: 'Sono stanco’ del ‘vetriolo’ antipolizia’

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Deon Giuseppe, un veterano di 24 anni della polizia di Los Angeles ha detto durante un'apparizione su "Volpe & Amici" che avrebbe potuto facilmente finire nella stessa posizione dell'ufficiale coinvolto nella recente sparatoria di Ma'Khia Bryant in ...

John Kennedy su LeBron James’ tweet anti-polizia: 'Può passare da zero a scopare tutti abbastanza velocemente’

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GLI STUDENTI DELLO STATO DELL'OHIO CHIEDONO L'UNIVERSITÀ RIGUARDA I LEGAMI CON LA POLIZIA DI COLUMBUS DOPO LA TIRO A MA'KHIA BRYANT DI JOHN KENNEDY: Bene, Penso che il signor. James ha fatto la cosa giusta tirando giù il tweet. Guarda, Ammiro la sua passione. Lui è...

Albany police station attacked by anti-police rioters throwing bottles at officers

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The protesters appeared to have splintered off from anti-police demonstrations in Townsend Park, sparked by the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright, un uomo nero di 20 anni, in Minnesota Sunday afternoon. The grou...

Jason Rantz slams ‘soullessanti-police rhetoric from Rep. Tlaib, others on left

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RASHIDA TLAIB TAKES HEAT FOR 'NO MORE POLICING' MENT AFTER DAUNTE WRIGHT SHOOTING JASON RANTZ: My first thoughts were anger and disgust that we’re seeing yet again the so-called summer of love, but happening earlier....

Daunte Wright shooting aftermath: Anti-police protests, clashes in cities across America

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Wright, un uomo nero di 20 anni, was killed by Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kimberly Potter on Sunday during a traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb. Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon has described the shoot...