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Rutgers-student reageer op kanselier om verskoning te vra nadat hy hom teen die toename in antisemitisme uitgespreek het

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Die korrespondent van die kampushervorming het daarop gewys "emosies het van alle kante opgevlam in die nasleep van die onlangse konflikte tussen Israel en Palestina en dit het gelei tot 'n massiewe toename in antisemitisme aanlyn en persone..

Seth Rogen gets Twitter backlash after mocking anti-Semitism activist

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According to an analysis from the Anti-Defamation League, meer as 17,000 tweets posted to the platform between May 7 and May 14, around when the violence began, used some variation of the phrase "Hitler was right."...

New York stuur meer staatstroepe om Joodse instellings te patrolleer na oplewing in voorvalle van antisemitisme

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New York ontplooi addisionele wetstoepassingsbeamptes na sinagoges, skole en Joodse gemeenskapsinstellings regoor die staat om dreigemente en geweld te voorkom, Goewerneur. Andrew Cuomo Donderdag aangekondig. "Ons het ...

Mark Levin says Joe Biden is ‘The Human Pandemic’, declares ‘poison of anti-Semitismhas infected Democrats

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Aan "Hannity", host Sean Hannity remarked that Biden is likely preparing for an early bedtime with "a sippy cup," leading Levin to respond with his remarks: "There's a couple things I want to say to Mr. Sippy Cup: Hy ...

AOC, fellow Squad members need to call out anti-Semitism ‘365 days’ n jaar: Lee Zeldin

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'SQUAD' DEMS CONDEMN ANTI-SEMITISM AMID BROADSIDES AGAINST ISRAEL 'APARTHEID' STATE SOME SAY LEAD TO VIOLENCE LEE ZELDIN: We've seen it exactly from coast to coast across this country, and really the volume of confro...

Friedman: People in our own government are ‘fueling the flames’ of anti-Semitism

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FRIEDMAN: Wel, I think there's no question that this all relates to the conflict between Israel and Hamas and how it's been manipulated in the media and look, people in our own government are contributing and fuelin...

New York City violence: 27 people shot as city grapples with subway crime, anti-Semitism: amptenare

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Die polisiekantoor in New York (NYPD) said there were three shootings on Friday, when four people were struck, including one person who was killed. Shortly before 9:40 nm. Vrydag, police responding to a 911 call of ...

Jon Voight spreek hom uit oor toename in antisemitisme in die VSA: ‘Kan jy nie hierdie afgryse sien nie?’

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Die kommentaar van die ster kom nadat Israel en Hamas ingestem het tot 'n staking van vuur na dae van konflik. Die Palestynse terreurgroep Hamas het vroeër vandeesmaand 'n spervuur ​​van vuurpyle na Israel geloods, gerig op Jerusalem, ...

Paloma Elsesser slammed for asking followers to ‘think twicebefore posting about anti-Semitism on Instagram

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Op Saterdag, the Vogue cover girl posted a statement on Instagram Stories written by Anna Rajagopal, which calls on people to think twice before posting about anti-Semitism. "No one is saying you have to be silent on...

Sacha Baron Cohen calls out Twitter, Jack Dorsey over rise in anti-Semitism on the platform

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The star’s comments come after Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire. The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a barrage of rockets into Israel earlier this month, gerig op Jerusalem, southern Israel and Tel ...

Celebrities speak out against anti-Semitism as tensions continue to rise in Middle East

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One such crime was a recent attack on a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this week. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators hopped out of their vehicles passing the Beverly Grove restaurant and allegedly began singling ...

Los Angeles rabbi criticizes Big Tech for allowing anti-Semitism on platforms

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In the last week, there have been multiple reports of anti-Semitic attacks in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami following the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine. Associate dean rabbi at the Simon Wiesen...

US seeing wave of ‘textbook anti-Semitismamid Israel-Gaza tensions

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"Stop telling me this is about Israel and Gaza," said a New Yorker who was confronted by a pro-Palestinian mob on his way to synagogue this week. "My people are being targeted across the United States in broad daylig...

Israel accuses Chinese state TV of ‘blatant anti-Semitism

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In 'n twiet, the embassy said "we have hoped that the times of the ‘Jew’s controlling the world’ conspiracy theories were over, unfortunately anti-Semitism has shown its ugly face again." "We are appalled to see blata...

Hawley rips Washington Post writer who linked criticism of ‘woke corporationsto racism, anti-Semitism

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In a piece headlined, "Josh Hawley’s ugly rant unmasks the fraudulence of the anti-‘wokeness’ crusade," Sargent criticized comments the senator made on "Die Ingraham-hoek" Thursday that linked the Georgia law to Haw...

Fighting anti-Semitism online requires a global effort

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The Inter-Parliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Anti-Semitism is made up of a multiparty group of lawmakers from Israel, die VSA, Kanada, Australië, and the UK. The views expressed in this commentary belong to the...

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