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Oregon trooper suspended for opposing COVID vaccine mandate tells Ingraham: ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’

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Kowing, alongside his attorney Dan Thenell, exclusively joined "Die Ingraham-hoek" Thursday to discuss lawsuit details and express frustration for the state of Oregon morally restricting its state workers. "Ek doen nie ...

Neal McDonough says he relied on faith after being blacklisted in Hollywood: ‘You can get through anything

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In 2010, the actor claimed he was fired three days into filming the ABC series "Scoundrels" because he wouldn't agree to on-screen sex scenes. While the show only ran for one season, the 56-year-old said he was black...

Die afgedankte polisiehoof in Rochester sê hy het niks gesien 'erg nie’ in die liggaam cam video van die dood van Daniel Prude

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Die voormalige polisiehoof van Rochester, New York het Vrydag gesê hy het niks gesien nie "grusaam" of enige kriminele optrede van polisiebeamptes toe hy die eerste keer na 'n kamera van die liggaam gekyk het van die voorval wat tot die dood gelei het..

Lara Trump op 'Fox & Vriende: Dit lyk asof Joe Biden niks beheer nie

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ROBERT GATES LYK OM TE VERDUBBEL OP EIS DAT BIDDENS VERKEERD IS IN BELANGRIKE BUITELANDSE BELEIDSKWESSIES VIR DECADES LARA TRUMP: Ek voel dat u net in die Demokrate in Amerika so lank so verkeerd kan wees oor soveel dinge,...

Tiger Woods on rehab after crash: ‘More painful than anything I have ever experienced

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Woods has mostly been seen on crutches in photos and has released updates sparingly on his recovery since the crash. Hierdie week, Woods spoke at length with Golf Digest about his rehab. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTOMSLAG ...

‘I’ve never seen anything like that’: Bizarre goal marks thrilling Manchester United and Arsenal clash

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Manchester United bounced back from conceding one of the most unusual goals you're ever likely to see to eventually beat Arsenal 3-2 in Thursday's Premier League clash. With new interim head coach Ralf Rangnick set ...

Pence sê vir 'Fox & Vriende’ Biden-entstofmandaat 'anders as enigiets wat ek ooit van 'n Amerikaanse president gehoor het'

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"Ek moet vir jou sê die president se toespraak gister was anders as enigiets wat ek nog ooit van 'n Amerikaanse president gehoor het," Pence vertel "jakkals & Vriende." "ek bedoel, om die president van die Verenigde State te laat sê dat hy ...

Sean Hannity: Biden is refusing to accept responsibility for anything

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SEAN HANNITY: Biden's presidency -- it is full out imploding, but apparently no one told Joe Biden. Volgens berigte, the president has decided to run for reelection in 2024, bragging to Barack Obama that he's th...

Paartjies oral: Hier is die rede waarom jy (of hulle) kan nooit iets vind nie. Dit is nie jou skuld nie

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"Waar is die seëls?" Het ek my vrou gevra. "Ek kan nie glo dat u my vra nie. Hulle is reg waar hulle altyd is," skree sy van oorkant die kamer af. Dit help niks om my te help nie. Die seëls is nêrens nie ...

Jets’ Robert Saleh doesn’t rule out Mike White as long-term starter: ‘Anything is possible

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Saleh told reporters following Sunday’s 34-31 upset over the Cincinnati Bengals that White will be the starter in Week 8, with Wilson likely still recovering from his knee injury. When asked if White could potentiall...

Tim Graham: Media reversal on Wuhan lab leak – will this massive embarrassment cause them to change anything?

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It's not a mystery why this happened. The Democrats thought the coronavirus was going to be that silver bullet that would remove former President Trump from office. Their arrogant belief that Trump was an ignoramus l...

Chris Noth’s ‘Sex and the Cityco-star Bridget Moynahan says she doesn’t ‘know anything about’ aantygings

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The actress told Elle magazine she doesn't "know anything about" the misconduct allegations made against Noth by two women. "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on things I don’t have any knowledge of," she s...

Lt. Kol. Coleman: Afghanistan exit flight was ‘unlike anything I’ve ever seen

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"I guess the best way to describe it was apocalyptic," Coleman said of the rainy night. "It was unlike anything I had ever seen." MANDER WHO LED FINAL FLIGHTS OUT OF KABUL DESCRIBES HIS ‘SURREAL’ EXPERIENCE ON ‘AMERI...

Bill Clinton says he couldn’t have done anything to prevent Putin’s aggression in Ukraine

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"I do not believe that there was anything we could have done to prevent this," Clinton said during a talk at Brown University. Clinton denied that his administration did anything to isolate Russia or antagonize Putin...

Stefanik receives ‘encouragement’ on mounting New York gubernatorial bid: ‘Not ruling anything out’

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Senior adviser to Stefanik, R-N.Y., Alex DeGrasse told Fox News on Thursday that the congresswoman is getting support "from all corners of the state as she would immediately be the strongest Republican candidate in b...

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin ‘not saying no to anything– including political office

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Abedin sat down with NBC’s TODAY Show on Monday morning for a roughly 10-minute interview, telling co-host Savannah Guthrie, who asked her at the very end if she had any plans to run for office. HUMA ABEDIN ADMITS SH...

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