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‘I’ve never seen anything like that’: Bizarre goal marks thrilling Manchester United and Arsenal clash

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Manchester United bounced back from conceding one of the most unusual goals you're ever likely to see to eventually beat Arsenal 3-2 in Thursday's Premier League clash. With new interim head coach Ralf Rangnick set ...

’n Gevaarlike krisis broei in die Balkan. Sal die Weste enigiets doen om nog 'n oorlog te stop?

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Die Balkan-staat Bosnië-Herzegovina is op die rand van wat ontleders waarsku sy ernstigste krisis sedert die einde van die Bosniese oorlog in 1995, waarin duisende vermoor is en verskriklike dade van etniese suiwering...

American Airlines passenger attacks attendant: ‘Cops aren’t going to do anything to me

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Volgens berigte, a passenger on an American Airlines flight struck one of the flight attendants multiples times midway through the flight on Sunday. The attack was allegedly sparked after the passenger got into ...

Bears coach Matt Nagy on crucial win over Lions: ‘I can’t ask for anything more

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Nagy was linked to reports earlier in the week that claimed he was going to get fired after the Lions game. ESPN shot down the report, saying Nagy was told the initial rumors were untrue. Ongeag, Nagy and the Bea...

Belgium’s new princess ‘not expecting anythingfrom royal family

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An artist who won a legal battle to prove that Belgium's former King Albert II is her father said on Monday she was not expecting anything from her new family, after a court last week made her a ...

Biden ‘didn’t really do anythingto lower the federal deficit, despite claims: Former CBO director

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The federal deficit is projected to shrink to $ 1 trillion in 2022, af van $ 2.8 trillion last year, according to projections from the CBO. President Biden has taken credit for a post-COVID lowering of the fede...

Biden economic advisor won’t say if US headed towards recession: ‘You can never rule anything out

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During an appearance on CNN's "Nuwe dag," he stated, "You can never rule anything out," as host Brianna Keilar pressed him on the subject and noted Americans weren't feeling good about the economy. White Hou...

Bill Clinton says he couldn’t have done anything to prevent Putin’s aggression in Ukraine

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"I do not believe that there was anything we could have done to prevent this," Clinton said during a talk at Brown University. Clinton denied that his administration did anything to isolate Russia or antagonize Putin...

Bob Woodward oor Trump se pandemie-reaksie: 'In die dekking van nege presidente, Ek het nog nooit so iets gesien nie’

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Washington-joernalis, Bob Woodward, het Dinsdag gesê in al sy jare verslaggewing oor nege verskillende presidente, hy het "nog nooit so iets gesien nie" President Donald Trump se verkeerde hantering van die pandemie. "Tweehonderd tho...

California jewelry store owner pulls gun to thwart robbers: ‘Nobody’s doing anything

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CALIFORNIA JEWELRY STORE OWNER TAKES MATTERS INTO HIS OWN HANDS AND STOPS SMASH-AND-GRAB ATTEMPT Owner of Maaz Jewelers Usman Bhatti joined "jakkals & Vriende" to discuss the thwarted attack and the recent string of ...

Chris Noth’s ‘Sex and the Cityco-star Bridget Moynahan says she doesn’t ‘know anything about’ aantygings

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The actress told Elle magazine she doesn't "know anything about" the misconduct allegations made against Noth by two women. "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on things I don’t have any knowledge of," she s...

Paartjies oral: Hier is die rede waarom jy (of hulle) kan nooit iets vind nie. Dit is nie jou skuld nie

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"Waar is die seëls?" Het ek my vrou gevra. "Ek kan nie glo dat u my vra nie. Hulle is reg waar hulle altyd is," skree sy van oorkant die kamer af. Dit help niks om my te help nie. Die seëls is nêrens nie ...

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Post Malone se nommer verloor en vodka aan 'n vreemdeling probeer verkoop’ Post Malone se nommer verloor en vodka aan 'n vreemdeling probeer verkoop

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Post Malone se nommer verloor en vodka aan 'n vreemdeling probeer verkoop. Post Malone se nommer verloor en vodka aan 'n vreemdeling probeer verkoop, het geen nonsens geduld nie en het 'n wen-CV gebou wat hom 'n eerste stembrief Hall of Fame gemaak het..

Elder urges supporters to report ‘anything suspicious’ in California recall election

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That’s why Elder, a conservative talk radio host and the polling front runner among the California gubernatorial replacement candidates, is urging supporters to report to his campaign anything they think is suspiciou...

Elektries 1972 Chevrolet El Camino proves GM can electrify anything

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Die "eLcamino" was equipped by Ligenfelter Engineering with GM's eCrate Connect and Cruise conversion kit, which will soon be available for custom car builds. The car uses GM's eCrate Connect and Cruise kit...

Ex-CBP deputy commissioner says border crisis ‘unlike anything I’ve ever seen,’ warns of ‘broken’ stelsel

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"What we’re seeing since February of this year is absolutely unprecedented, the numbers we haven’t seen in 20 jare, certainly not since the creation of this department or Customs and Border Protection, my former age...

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