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Harris to the Class of 2021: ‘You have the strength to get through anything

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Vice President Kamala Harris on Sunday applauded members of the Class of 2021 on their perseverance in earning their high school diplomas during the coronavirus pandemic, which upended classrooms and shuttered a num...


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这就是为什么老, 一位保守的谈话电台主持人和加州州长替代候选人中的民意调查领跑者, 敦促支持者向他的竞选团队报告他们认为可疑的任何事情。.

特朗普在移民问题上为拜登埋下了最后的地雷: '任何让事情变得困难的事情’

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唐纳德特朗普任期结束后的几天, 他的政府急于推进可能的合法地雷,使乔·拜登总统的移民改革目标更加困难. 拜登概述了一个雄心勃勃的计划 ...

格雷格·古菲尔德: When Democrats are in charge, they can get away with anything

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考虑一下: the VP shared a bank account with Hunter, that’s like sharing a blow-up doll with Charlie Sheen. No disinfectant will save you. Just burn it all down. Normally this might be big news - but Biden's las...

Kelly Osbourne denies plastic surgery speculation from fans: ‘I’ve never done anything

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前者 "时尚警察" star took to her Instagram on Monday to clap back at several people who commented on her recent posts accusing her of having work done on her face. The former reality star struck a tone s...

Oregon trooper suspended for opposing COVID vaccine mandate tells Ingraham: ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’

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Kowing, alongside his attorney Dan Thenell, exclusively joined "英格拉汉角" Thursday to discuss lawsuit details and express frustration for the state of Oregon morally restricting its state workers. "我不 ...

被解雇的罗切斯特警察局长说,他没有看到任何“可怕的东西”’ 丹尼尔·普鲁德之死的身体凸轮视频中

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罗切斯特前警察局长, 纽约周五说他什么也没看见 "过分的" 或警察首次观看导致死亡的事件的身体摄像机录像时的任何犯罪行为。.

劳拉·特朗普出演《福克斯》 & 朋友们': 乔拜登似乎无法控制任何事情

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罗伯特·盖茨(Robert Gates)似乎加倍声称拜登在拉拉·特朗普(LARA TRUMP)数十年的主要外交政策问题上是错误的: 我觉得只有在民主党的美国,你才能在这么多事情上犯这么长时间的错误,...

老虎伍兹在车祸后康复: “比我经历过的任何事情都痛苦’

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在照片中,伍兹大多是拄着拐杖出现的,并且在坠机后很少发布他的康复情况. 本星期, 伍兹与高尔夫文摘详细谈论了他的康复. 点击这里查看更多体育报道...

Pence tells ‘Fox & 友人’ Biden vaccine mandate ‘unlike anything I ever heard from an American president’

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"I have to tell you the president’s speech yesterday was unlike anything I had ever heard from an American president," Pence told "狐狸 & 朋友们" "我的意思是, to have the president of the United States say that he ...

到处都是情侣: 这就是你的原因 (或者他们) 找不到任何东西. 这不是你的错

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"邮票在哪里?" 我问老婆. "我不敢相信你在问我. 他们是对的,永远是对的," 她从房间对面大喊. 这无济于事. 邮票无处不在。.

喷气机’ 罗伯特萨利赫不排除迈克怀特作为长期首发: '一切皆有可能’

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萨利赫在周日结束后告诉记者 34-31 对辛辛那提孟加拉虎队感到不安,怀特将成为本周的首发 8, 威尔逊可能仍在从膝伤中恢复. 当被问及怀特是否有潜力....

蒂姆·格雷厄姆: Media reversal on Wuhan lab leak – will this massive embarrassment cause them to change anything?

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It's not a mystery why this happened. The Democrats thought the coronavirus was going to be that silver bullet that would remove former President Trump from office. Their arrogant belief that Trump was an ignoramus l...

Lt. 上校. 科尔曼: Afghanistan exit flight was ‘unlike anything I’ve ever seen

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"I guess the best way to describe it was apocalyptic," Coleman said of the rainy night. "It was unlike anything I had ever seen." MANDER WHO LED FINAL FLIGHTS OUT OF KABUL DESCRIBES HIS ‘SURREAL’ EXPERIENCE ON ‘AMERI...

Stefanik receives ‘encouragement’ on mounting New York gubernatorial bid: ‘Not ruling anything out’

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Senior adviser to Stefanik, R-N.Y。, Alex DeGrasse told Fox News on Thursday that the congresswoman is getting support "from all corners of the state as she would immediately be the strongest Republican candidate in b...

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin ‘not saying no to anything– including political office

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Abedin sat down with NBC’s TODAY Show on Monday morning for a roughly 10-minute interview, telling co-host Savannah Guthrie, who asked her at the very end if she had any plans to run for office. HUMA ABEDIN ADMITS SH...

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