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Lady Gaga se pa praat uit na 'afskuwelik’ aanval teen honde-stapper

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Lady Gaga se pa, Joe Germanotta spreek hom uit na die afgryslike aanval op Woensdag wat sy dogter se hondeloper laat skiet en haar twee Franse bulldogs gesteel het. "Ons hoop op 'n daad van vriendelikheid ...

Cotton accuses Maxine Waters of trying to ‘fan the flames in the streetswith ‘appalling’ retoriek

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"I don't want to prejudge the case now that it is with the jury," Cotton told "Spesiale verslag" host Bret Baier, "but I will say that it is appalling to see a senior Democrat in Congress going out of her way to Minnes...

GOP lawmaker torches ‘Squadmember’s ‘ridiculous, afgryslik’ push to defund Border Patrol

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'SQUAD' DEM TLAIB CALLS FOR DEFUNDING OF ICE, CBP, DHS, CLAIMS THEY ‘TERRORIZE’ MIGRANTS LISA McCLAIN: What is happening today is completely ridiculous and it's appalling. The Squad is spewing this rhetoric. And if y...

Huis -republikeine eis antwoorde van DHS oor 'afgryslik'’ grensgetalle namate krisis toeneem

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Die Republikeine, gelei deur Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, wys op die volgehoue ​​toename in migrant ontmoetings by die grens, met meer as 188,000 in Junie en berig voorlopige syfers wat dui op ongeveer 210,000 in Julie. ...

Leo Terrell blasts Cuomo after governor’s resignation: ‘Appalling to try to justify deviant behavior

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"I want to make one other point that I’ve done civil rights law and sexual harassment cases. I find it appalling for Cuomo to try to justify his deviant behavior based on his cultural heritage, based on ‘that’s the w...

Joni Ernst calls House Democrat’s treatment of Gold Star families ‘appalling

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N groep van 40 Gold Star families in June wrote to House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Raul Grijalva requesting a legislative hearing about the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Location Act. Grijalva respo...

La’el Collinsagent blasts NFL after Cowboys lineman suspended: ‘Appalling

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Collins’ agent Peter Schaffer criticized the league for how they handled the issue. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "We are extremely disappointed in how the NFL has handled this entire matter from trampli...