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Jennifer Lopez wears what appears to be Ben Affleck’s shirt during outing

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Die "Hustlers" ster, 51, was photographed on Thursday wearing a shirt that appears to be Affleck’s, as he’d previously been spotted in what seems to be the same top. During an outing, Lopez wore the oversized red and...

Video appears to show Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman explaining how to get inside state Capitol building

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Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman, a Republican who is accused of allowing protesters into the closed state Capitol building while lawmakers were debating Covid-19 restrictions, is seen in new video, appearing to give ...

Florida seuntjie, 12, charged with attempted murder after shootout with deputies, appears in court

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A judge ordered him to be placed in secure detention for 21 dae. Die seun, who appeared via Zoom and spoke softly when addressed, was assigned a public defender, jakkals 25 Orlando reported. His arraignment is scheduled ...

Biden appears to blame Sens. Manchin, Sinema for stalling his agenda

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"I hear all the folks on TV saying why doesn't Biden get this done?" the president said in an address after meeting survivors of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, race massacre at the Greenwood Cultural Center. "Wel, because Bid...

Drake’s son appears with him on stage at the Billboard Music Awards

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Drake has dedicated one of the proudest achievements of his career to his three-year-old son, Adonis, who joined the Canadian rapper on stage at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. Die "God's Plan" hitmaker ...

LEEF OPDATE: Hamas holds defiant military parade, top leader appears

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The deal came following 11 days of bloody fighting that both sides were trying to spin as a win. Top Hamas leader Yehiyeh Sinwar also made his first appearance since the cease-fire, which took effect at 2 am. Vrydag ...

Nuwe foto op sosiale media wys blykbaar 'ontbreek’ Prinses Latifa

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'N Beeld wat Dubai s'n blyk te wys "ontbreek" Prinses Latifa is op 'n sosiale media-rekening geplaas. As wettig, die foto sou die eerste keer beteken dat prinses Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum gesien is..

PGA Championship sees brief delay after baby alligator appears on the course

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Cameron Tringale’s sixth hole attempt during the second round on Friday was interrupted when a small alligator emerged for a stroll across the green. PGA CHAMPIONSHIP: ‘HIT IT LONG OR IT WILL BE A TOUGH WEEK’ Th...

Joe dop: It appears that ‘wokeness is everywhere,’ including the CIA

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Hi everybody, I’m Joe Concha. So, have you seen the new CIA recruitment video? Hopelik, our enemies haven’t. "I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cisgender millennial who's been diagnosed with generalized a...

Shanna Moakler appears to shade ex Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian for PDA-filled social media pics

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The pageant winner doesn't seem too happy with the fact that they share so many PDA-filled photos on Instagram. Moakler, 46, made her feelings known after she posted her own photo on Instagram of her on-again-off-aga...

Dit lyk asof Boebert Biden troll, Harris op grenskrisis deur Mylar-kombers oop te vou

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Terwyl hy in die huiskamer van die VS sit. Capitol vir Biden se toespraak aan die Kongres, Boebert het 'n Mylar-kombers oopgevou - soortgelyk aan dié wat deur migrante in skuilgeriewe langs die grens gebruik word. 'UNCLE TIM' TRE...

Rep. McCaul on Kerry-Iran allegations: ‘This appears to be somewhat treasonous

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POMPEO SLAMS IRAN NEWS: 'WHEN I WAS BRIEFING TRUMP, KERRY WAS BRIEFING ZARIF' REP. MICHAEL MCCAUL: Wel, the facts need to come out, these are very serious allegations, very disturbing if the former secretary of stat...

Perdewedrenne word met nuwe welsynsondersoek in die gesig gestaar nadat meer beeldmateriaal verskyn van 'n jokkie wat op 'n dooie perd poseer

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Die perdewedrenbedryf word opnuut in die gesig gestaar oor welsyn van diere nadat beeldmateriaal verskyn het wat wys hoe 'n amateurjoggie agterop 'n dooie perd spring.. Op Dinsdag, die Ierse Horseracing Regulatory Board twee ...

Biden appears in campaign ad for Georgia’s Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock

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President-elect Joe Biden urged Georgians to vote for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in a campaign ad released Thursday, saying he needed the two Democrats in the Senate to pass legislation providing economic relief...

Britse verpleegster wat van moord op agt babas aangekla word, verskyn in die hof

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'N Britse verpleegster het in die hof verskyn aangekla van agt aanklagte van moord en 10 aanklagte van poging tot moord na 'n ondersoek na 'n aantal babadoods in 'n hospitaal in Cheshire, noordwestelike Engeland. Lu ...

Hong Kong journalist appears in court as crackdown fears grow

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Hong Kong An award-winning Hong Kong journalist appeared in court Tuesday, on charges related to her role in helping to investigate alleged police mishandling of a violent mob attack on democracy supporters in 2019. ...

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