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Top border patrol official: Biden more concerned with appeasing base than protecting US citizens

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BRANDON JUDD: We have to look at our politicians and hold them accountable. It simply comes down to appeasing a base population. This administration is more worried about the open border pundits than they are U.S. Ci...

Greg Gutfeld: Portland mayor learns bitter lesson of appeasing Antifa

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It reminds me of the time I rescued a poor kitten outside my apartment, only to learn a few months later it was a raccoon. What was initially adorable had become evil. Same goes for relationships. Some women date the...

Cheney calls select committee ‘our only remaining optionand attacks GOP leaders for appeasing Trump

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Representante de Wyoming. Liz Cheney sharply criticized Republican leaders ahead of a vote Wednesday to create a select committee to investigate the January 6 ataque al Capitolio de los Estados Unidos, which she said she supported. It was the l...

Reps. Waltz slams Biden for appeasing Russia and China: ‘Our adversaries smell weakness in the White House’

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MICHAEL VALS: In his first days in office he [Biden] canceled the [Piedra clave] tubería, Russian backed hackers attacked our biggest pipeline in Colonial after he canceled Keystone and now we are just going to let the...

Su. Toomey en "Fox & Amigos': Biden apaciguó a la izquierda radical y la mayoría de los estadounidenses "no se apuntaron a eso"’

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MITCH MCCONNELL SAYS HE'D WELE MANCHIN TO THE GOP IF HE WAS SO ‘INCLINED’ SENATOR PAT TOOMEY: Hizo campaña como el centrista moderado, el tipo que iba a unir a América, use his decades in Washington to...