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Pentagon unsure if hundreds of thousands of civilian employees are vaccinated as deadline approaches

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Washington The Pentagon is in the dark about the vaccine status of hundreds of thousands of its civilian employees just weeks before the deadline to fully vaccinate its workforce against Covid-19. The Pentagon has m...

‘Basic things are just not there’: Health care collapse in Afghanistan threatens lives of millions as winter approaches

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Health care in Afghanistan has literally collapsed in a matter of months, disrupted by conflict and starved of foreign assistance, according to UN agencies and NGOs working in the country. Thousands of medical staff...

Texas National Guard ‘gearing upon border as migrant caravan approaches

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"Texas National Guard is gearing up at the border for increased caravans attempting to cross the border caused by Biden’s open border policy," Abbott tuiteó. "They are working with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety t...

Las autoridades bloquean la zona costera de la Palma cuando la lava se acerca al mar

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La Palma, Las autoridades de emergencia ordenaron el lunes a las personas en un área en la costa este de la isla de La Palma que se encierren cuando la lava que brota del volcán Cumbre Vieja se acerca al mar.. los 1,250 Cels ...

Nicholas upgraded to hurricane as it approaches Texas landfall

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The National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Nicholas to a hurricane as its center was 20 miles southeast of Matagorda, Texas. A partir de 10 pm. CDT Monday, the storm was about 45 miles southwest of Freeport, Texas, with...

Michael Goodwin: Biden will be competing with the Taliban as 9/11 enfoques

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Wiser heads prevailed, but only up to a point. The withdrawal date was moved up to Aug. 31, but Biden remained fixated on getting all the troops out before 9/11, damn the consequences. Now the consequences are damni...

Fred prompts Tropical Storm Warning for Florida Keys as it approaches the US

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Fred, which is currently a tropical depression, is expected to approach the Florida Keys on Saturday and then head near the west coast of Florida on Sunday. The main threat from Fred will be heavy rain. ...

Claudine De Niro approaches woman who took Cuba Gooding Jr.’s number in the Hamptons

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Claudine De Niro caused a scene at the fancy Hamptons restaurant, we’re told, by confronting a woman who she accused of taking her boyfriend Cuba Gooding Jr.’s phone number. Sources say that the unnamed woman chatted...

Cempaka intensifies into a typhoon as it approaches China

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Tropical Storm Cempaka strengthened into a typhoon early Tuesday over the South China Sea. The storm had winds up to 120 kph (75 mph) and was located about 185 km (115 millas) southwest of Hong Kong as of 5 pm. Y. ...

Tropical Storm Elsa arrives, Northwest heat wave continues as Fourth of July weekend approaches

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Unsettled weather will be ongoing across the Northeast and will keep the temperatures down over the next few days. Forecast high temperatures in the West over the next few days .(Fox News)

Fox News Poll: As July 4th approaches, fewer voters believe US is best place to live

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Casi 7 fuera de 10 votantes (69 por ciento) believe America is the greatest country to reside in, according to the latest Fox News survey, abajo de 83 percent in 2015 and from the high-water mark recorded a decade ago: 8...

Los salvavidas tienen una gran demanda a medida que se acerca el verano

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El salvavidas es otra de esas profesiones más afectadas por la pandemia después de los gimnasios., Parques acuáticos, playas, y las piscinas comunitarias se vieron obligadas a cerrar. La demanda es ahora más alta que nunca, pero el grupo de solicitantes solo ....

Se acerca el 50 cumpleaños de Suzanne Morphew, madre desaparecida de Colorado

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La estatua perteneció a la madre de Morphew y luego se exhibió en el condado de Chaffee de la familia., Colo., hogar, según Fox 21 reportera Lauren Scharf. Dijo que Ba lo había colocado en la nueva ubicación..

Biden approaches 100 días en la oficina — what do Americans think?

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There is an 81-point gap on approval of President Biden between Democrats (95 por ciento) and Republicans (14 por ciento). That’s even a bit wider than the 76-point partisan gap for former President Trump in April 2017. ...

Philippines orders evacuation as world’s strongest typhoon of 2020 enfoques

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Philippine officials on Saturday ordered the evacuation of thousands of residents in the southern part of the main Luzon island, as the world's strongest storm this year approached the Southeast Asian nation. Typhoo...

As another wave of the pandemic approaches, the nation’s food banks are being hit on three fronts

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Stephen Reifenstein never imagined he'd find himself relying on the services of a food bank. He and his wife Kristina live with their two young children in Orange County, California -- one of the wealthiest areas in...

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