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Texas parole board recommends pardon for George Floyd, request needs approval from governor

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The seven-member board announced the news in a letter to Allison Mathis, an assistant public defender in the Harris County Public Defender's office. Mathis filed a clemency application on behalf of Floyd earlier this...

For CFP to expand by ’24, plans needs approval in 3-4 mesi

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If they can't get it done by then, any change to the way major college football decides its national champion will have to wait until the current television contract with ESPN runs out after 2025. CLICCA QUI PER ALTRO...

Biden battered by crises as president’s approval plunges

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From immigration, to foreign policy, to the economy, to the coronavirus pandemic, the president's problems appear to be mounting. HHS DOCUMENTS REVEAL INCIDENTS OF SEXUAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE OF UNACPANIED MIGRANT CHIL...

Biden says he will get COVID-19 booster shot after approval from FDA, CDC boss

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Il presidente, dalla Casa Bianca, said doctors and scientists, after completing their scientific review, have believed booster shots will provide "top-level protection" against COVID-19. "Those eligible include t...

Biden approval ‘underwateras Americans criticize his withdrawal from Afghanistan, nuovi sondaggi

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Quinnipiac University's announcement of the poll stated" Biden Underwater On Job Approval And Handling Of Key Issues. The poll was released Tuesday and features responses from 1,210 NOI. adults nationwide, 50% of Ame...

Biden approval ratings keep slipping in wake of Afghanistan exit, COVID surge: sondaggio

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Facing a barrage of bipartisan criticism for a month over his handling of the turbulent U.S. withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, and with an ongoing surge in new COVID cases due to the spread across the count...

Colpi di richiamo COVID-19: Fauci sottolinea la necessità dell'approvazione della FDA in mezzo al battibecco della Casa Bianca

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Il presidente Biden ha annunciato a metà agosto che il governo prevedeva di offrire colpi di richiamo a partire dalla settimana di settembre. 20. Report della scorsa settimana, anche se, ha indicato che due funzionari della FDA hanno pianificato di dimettersi a causa di conti ...

CDC panel recommends Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine under full FDA approval

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CLICK HERE TO FIND A COVID-19 VACCINE NEAR YOU The COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group, which presented during the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting Monday, reiterated an inc...

Pfizer/BioNTech request full FDA approval of COVID-19 booster vaccine

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The request for the so-called supplemental biologics license application draws on Phase 3 clinical trial data among 306 participants aged 18 per 55 who received a third dose between 4.8-8 months following the initial ...

Why Biden’s seen a (slight) decline in his approval ratings

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Sondaggio della settimana: A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that President Joe Biden's approval rating stands at 46%, while his disapproval rating sits at 43%. His approval rating in Quinnipiac's previous poll was 49%....

Joe Biden’s approval rating simply hasn’t moved in six months

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President Joe Biden's presidency is now six months old. You'd be forgiven if you didn't realize how long Biden has been in office because Biden doesn't generate anywhere near the same news interest (see Google searc...

Prince Harry doesn’t need Queen Elizabeth’s approval to write his memoir, had private talks with royal family

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Di mercoledì, a spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex told Fox News the royal recently engaged in a private discussion with his family about the planned book. Getting approval from his grandmother wasn't necessary, il...

Pfizer to request COVID-19 vaccine emergency approval for kids ages 5-11 by fall

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Dott. Alejandra Gurtman, vice president of vaccine clinical research and development at Pfizer, appeared along with representatives from other major drugmakers to talk data and timelines behind pediatric clinical trial...

Meghan Markle, Il principe Harry ha registrato i nomi di dominio per la figlia Lilibet Diana prima dell'approvazione della regina: rapporto

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"Come è spesso consuetudine con i personaggi pubblici, un numero significativo di domini di eventuali nomi potenziali che sono stati considerati sono stati acquistati dal loro team per proteggere lo sfruttamento del nome una volta scelto e pubblicato in seguito..

Juan Williams: Happy Juneteenth – new holiday’s approval a surprising act of racial unity in divided times

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Did you know that it’s been almost four decades since Congress created a new federal holiday?  In a surprising act of racial unity, even heavenly grace, a politically divided Congress passed recognition of Juneteent...

2 FDA committee members resign over Biogen Alzheimer’s drug approval

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One of the members who resigned, Dott. David Knopman, is a Mayo Clinic neurologist who according to Reuters had been recused from the November meeting because he was an investigator in Biogen’s clinical trials. "I was...