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Los Angeles City Council approves motion to replace mandatory homeless cleanups with ‘voluntary compliance

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The motion instructs the Bureau of Sanitation and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to develop new standards for hygiene by offering trash pickups, mobile showers, tent exchanges and more services. "When o...

Federal judge approves partial deal between women, US Soccer

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NOSOTROS. District Judge R. Gary Klausner approved the Dec. 1 settlement during a hearing Monday. The deal calls for charter flights, hotel accommodations, venue selection and professional staff support equitable to that ...

Pennsylvania approves 2-week deer hunting season, bans rifles from turkey hunts

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Officials in the Coal State have approved a two-week deer hunting season and banned the use of rifles for fall turkey hunting for the 2021-2022 license year. The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners confirmed the...

New Zealand approves paid leave after miscarriage, and encourages the world to follow

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New Zealand will become one of the world's only countries to offer paid bereavement leave for workers who suffer a miscarriage, after lawmakers unanimously approved the motion on Wednesday. Employees in the country ...

Pentagon approves HHS request to house migrant children at 2 military bases

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The Pentagon on Wednesday approved a request from the Department of Health and Human Services to temporarily house unaccompanied migrant children at two Texas military bases. At Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, chi...

El sindicato de maestros de Los Ángeles aprueba el plan para reabrir las escuelas públicas en abril

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Mientras los distritos escolares de todo el país luchan por encontrar formas de devolver a los estudiantes al aula, Las escuelas públicas de Los Ángeles reabrirán para recibir instrucción en persona en abril según un plan aprobado por el maestro..

Spain approves euthanasia law

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Madrid Spain approved a law permitting euthanasia on Thursday by a 202 a 141 vote in parliament, making it the fourth European Union country to do so. "Hoy dia, a majority of parliament has borne witness to people who...

China aprueba la venta de productos de medicina tradicional para tratar el Covid-19

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China ha aprobado tres medicinas tradicionales chinas (TCM) productos a la venta para ayudar a tratar la Covid-19, La Administración Nacional de Productos Médicos del gobierno anunció el miércoles. La agencia utilizó una autorización especial..

La FDA aprueba un nuevo dispositivo para ayudar a proteger a los atletas de lesiones cerebrales traumáticas

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La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos dio luz verde a un nuevo dispositivo que podría ayudar a reducir el riesgo de lesión cerebral traumática durante los impactos en la cabeza el viernes.. El dispositivo está autorizado para deportistas. 13 y mas viejo,...

North Carolina approves new rules to teach social studies, but there’s controversy over new wording

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The North Carolina State Board of Education has passed a new standard for teaching social studies that will include a more diverse perspective of history. The board added language for educators to teach about racism...

Virginia one step closer to abolishing death penalty after state Senate approves bill

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Virginia's state Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would abolish the death penalty, putting the southern state on the path to become the 23rd state to end capital punishment. The Commonwealth has executed more peo...

Pentagon approves DC mayor’s request to deploy National Guard for upcoming demonstrations

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Washington Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller on Monday approved a request from the mayor of Washington to deploy DC National Guard forces to the city to support local authorities during demonstrations sched...

Argentina’s Senate approves historic bill to legalize abortion

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Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina's Senate approved a bill to legalize abortion Wednesday in an historic vote seen as a major victory for abortion rights advocates in the Catholic-majority country. El Senado votó ...

Selena’s brother approves of Christian Serratosportrayal of her

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Some viewers may not be loving Christian Serratos in "Selena: The Series," but the slain Tejano star's brother has her back. Speaking to TMZ, A.B. Quintanilla dismissed some of the complaints about the "Walking Dea...

City approves conditional permit to allow use of church building by a Whites-only group

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The city council of a small Minnesota town has allowed a Whites-only religious organization to use a vacant church. Murdock, a town of fewer than 300 gente, passed a conditional permit Wednesday to allow use of a ...

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