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Scam artists lurking on dating apps and social media made away with a record haul in 2020

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We expect love to have an emotional impact on us, but a new report released by the Federal Trade Commission revealed it's also hurting wallets. Un record $ 304 million was reported lost to romance scams in 2020. Sca...

Le coppie che si incontrano su app di appuntamenti sono desiderose di impegno, reperti di studio

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Le persone che incontrano i loro partner su app di appuntamenti spesso hanno obiettivi di relazione a lungo termine più forti -- contrariamente all'idea che la tecnologia incoraggia incontri casuali piuttosto che impegno, ha trovato un nuovo studio. Anale...

A pandemic upended their communities, so these teen inventors built apps to make life easier

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Riya Shah walked into her high school without knowing it would be her last day in person. It was March when the uncertainty of a pandemic flooded her life in Louisville, Kentucky. Classes transitioned to virtual le...

Quitting smoking apps that help you acknowledge your triggers work better, study shows

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If you're trying to quit smoking, it could pay to acknowledge and accept your cravings rather than avoid them. And downloading a smartphone app that takes that approach could increase your odds of success, secondo...