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The last ‘Arab Springdemocracy is dangling by a thread

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Una versión de esta historia apareció por primera vez en el boletín Mientras tanto en Oriente Medio de CNN., una mirada tres veces por semana a las historias más importantes de la región. Registrate aquí. Abu Dhabi, UAE Once regarded as the sole democracy...

Haley says Biden efforts to revive Iran deal ‘slap in the face’ a Israel, Arab allies

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Haley, in a statement to Fox News Digital, highlighted the revelation from the White House on Monday that it believes Iran is providing "cientos" of unmanned aerial vehicles -- including weapons-capable drones -- a...

NBA to stage games in United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality punishable by death

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De hecho, homosexuality is criminalized and punishable by death. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo gets past Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum during the first half of ...

Why Arabs and Arab Americans feel being counted as White in the US doesn’t reflect their reality

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Washington Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín Race Deconstructed de CNN.. Para recibirlo en su bandeja de entrada todas las semanas, Regístrate gratis aquí. "Usted pregunta 10 different people what it means to be Arab, and you could get ...

Ons Jabeur becomes first Arab tennis playermale or femaleto break into the top 10 in singles

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Ons Jabeur of Tunisia already was a trail blazer in her own right when she became the first Arab woman to win a WTA Tour title and advance to the quarterfinals in a grand slam event. Ahora, she'll be the first Arab pl...

El presidente de Túnez nombra a una mujer como primera ministra en primer lugar para el mundo árabe

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El presidente tunecino Kais Saied ha designado a Najla Bouden Romdhan como la primera mujer primera ministra en Túnez y el mundo árabe, dos meses después de que destituyó al gobierno anterior y se apoderó de un ejecutivo de amplio rango..

Nueva serie de Netflix 'Grendel’ primero en utilizar al hombre árabe musulmán como protagonista en una adaptación de un cómic

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Abubakr Ali fue 10 años cuando dos aviones secuestrados se estrellaron contra el World Trade Center en la ciudad de Nueva York en septiembre 11, 2001. Los ataques terroristas tuvieron lugar un año después de que Ali se mudara a Estados Unidos desde ...

Ons Jabeur becomes first Arab woman to win a WTA title

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Tunisia's Ons Jabeur made history on Sunday when she became the first Arab woman to win a WTA title, beating Russian Daria Kasatkina in the final of the grasscourt event in Birmingham. Jabeur, a trailblazer for North...

In Israel, Jewish man’s kidney donated to grateful Arab woman after his lynching

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Yigal Yehoshua was lynched. Él era 56 years old with a wife and two children. He was one of six brothers in a close-knit family. An Arab mob set upon him as he drove to his home in Lod, one of Israel's mixed cities w...

Jared Kushner launches group to promote relations between Arab states and Israel

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los "Abraham Accords Institute for Peace" will focus on bolstering relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain and Sudan. Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, had a heavy hand in draft...

The United Arab Emirates has announced its first female astronaut

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A woman has made history in the United Arab Emirates as the country's first female astronaut. Noura Al-Matrooshi is one of two new astronauts in the UAE's Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) Space Centre astronaut program, UA...

April is Arab American Heritage Month, the US Department of State declares

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The culture of Arab Americans will be honored this month, with the designation by the state department of April as Arab American Heritage Month, reflecting that the group's contributions to the US "are as old as Ame...

The whitewashing of Arab Americans impacted by Covid-19 is a catastrophic public health issue, los expertos dicen

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Dr. Raed Al-Naser was on the front lines at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego when patients first started coming in with symptoms of Covid-19. "The hospital was packed and the ICU was at full capacity," the ICU ...

New Jersey attorney general is investigating claims that police officers repeatedly punched an Arab teen without provocation

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The New Jersey Attorney General's Office is investigating after video footage shows multiple police officers assaulting a Muslim Arab American teenager. Osamah Alsaidi, 19 En el momento, was assaulted and arrested by ...

NASCAR’s first Arab American female driver to make her debut at Daytona International Speedway

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Toni Breidinger says that when she sat behind the wheel of a go-kart at age 9, she knew she would become a race car driver. Twelve years later, Breidinger has become the first Arab American female driver to particip...

Arab countries agree to end years-long feud with Qatar that divided Gulf

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Gulf Arab countries signed an agreement aimed at resolving a long-running dispute with Qatar on Tuesday, in a public reconciliation between Doha and its neighbors that paves the way for the end of an embargo on the ...

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