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Biden ignores harassment and intimidation when woke schools aren’t involved

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To deal with these dastardly parents, the NSBA requested that the Biden Administration utilize "the expertise and resources of the U.S. Departement van Justisie, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Amerikaanse. Department of...

Trump came to Nebraska to defend candidate facing sexual misconduct allegations, but voters aren’t so sure either of those things will matter on Tuesday

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Omaha, Nebraska Allegations of sexual misconduct by eight women against Nebraska Republican Charles Herbster, and former President Donald Trump's defense of him, have brought national attention to the candidate's que...

Opinion: Conservatives aren’t going to stop with abortion, and this draft opinion proves it

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Jill Filipovic is 'n joernalis in New York en skrywer van die boek "OK Boomer, Kom ons praat: Hoe my generasie agtergebly het." Volg haar op Twitter. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is slegs haar eie ....

Attacks on voting rights aren’t slowing down and Black Americans are in the crosshairs, nuwe verslag vind

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Some Republicans and far-right groups' attacks on voting rights and American democracy are making it harder for Black people to achieve racial equality, according to a new report from the National Urban League. Th ...

CNN analyst rejects notion Biden has ‘messagingproblem amid sinking polls: Voters ‘aren’t stupid

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Polling released by CBS News/YouGov on Sunday showed President Biden having low approval on key issues including 37% on his handling of the economy and a cratering 31% on the growing inflation. The poll also showed B...

Biden SCOTUS nominee effectively said child pornography cases ‘aren’t that serious’: ex-federal prosecutor

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"In my career as a federal prosecutor, I've unfortunately had to see probably hundreds of thousands of [kinderpornografie] beelde," she told host Tucker Carlson. "They're absolutely horrifying." MCCONNELL MEMO OUTLIN...

MSNBC host baffled that Biden’s ‘big winsaren’t translating into higher approval ratings

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During a segment on "Die 11de uur," first reported on by NewsBusters, the liberal host noted Biden's tumbling approval rating in a new NBC News Poll, but sought "to add a little context" en "bring in some facts" van...

After crippling rounds of sanctions, these are the oligarchs who are (and aren’t) speaking out against Russia’s war

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As Russia's invasion of Ukraine enters a new month, the wealthy elite close to Russian President Vladimir Putin are facing a radically changing set of circumstances far from the frontlines. The invasion prompted Wes...

Why Joe Biden’s 2024 numbers aren’t as bad as they seem

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Met die eerste oogopslag, the number is striking: A majority -- 51% -- of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters said they'd rather see the party nominate a different candidate instead of President Joe Biden in 2024. Daardie ...

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Tennessee and Florida aren’t the only states where the history of racism is under siege

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Washington 'n Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se Race Deconstructed nuusbrief. Om dit elke week in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. In 1926, Carter G. Woodson, a historian and the co-founder of the Associa...

Die 2023 Ford Mustang GT3 proves V8 muscle cars aren’t dead yet

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The blue oval brand has announced it is developing a new production-based race car for IMSA and international sports car racing. The big-wing coupe, teased in an image showing it under a cover, will be powered by a v...

Russia threatens ‘appropriate measuresif West’s responses to demands aren’t constructive

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Die VSA. agreed with Russia that it would answer questions regarding NATO's military presence in the region. The Kremlin has criticized the West of a military expansion that raises security concerns for Moscow, Reute...

Why Republicans aren’t likely to lose any Senate seats in 2022

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Wisconsin's Republican Sen. Ron Johnson announced he was running for reelection on Sunday. That should be viewed as good news by Republicans, who need a net gain of just one seat in this year's midterm elections to ...

From Europe to the US, Covid cases in children are surging. Schools aren’t prepared

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As Covid-19 cases skyrocketed across Britain in late December, Stuart Guest spent his vacation poring over scientific reports about air cleaning and filtration systems. Guest, a head teacher at an elementary school ...

Moderna CEO pushes for second COVID-19 booster shot, but doctors aren’t yet convinced it’s necessary

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Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel made the announcement during a Goldman Sachs-organized healthcare conference Thursday. "I still believe we’re going to need boosters in the fall of ’22 and forward," Bancel gesê. ...

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