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Thomas comes out fast with questions in new Supreme Court in-person argument format

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"Counsel, you seem to complain about Tennessee pumping water from Mississippi, but you admit that Tennessee does not enter across the border into Mississippi, isn't that correct?" Thomas asked a lawyer from Mississip...

SCOTUS revises oral argument format ahead of blockbuster term

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In advance of the new term set to begin in October, the Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it is revising its oral argument format, importing a system it employed when it held arguments over the phone after the co...

3 people were shot at a Pennsylvania baby shower after an argument over gifts, la policía dice

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Three people were shot and wounded at a baby shower in Pennsylvania Saturday evening after an argument over gifts, Lower Burrell Police Chief John Marhefka said in a press briefing. Police officers were dispatched ...

Robert Durst prosecutor compares testimony to cockroach soup during closing argument

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After months of testimony and evidence spanning four decades, prosecutors made their case to the jury Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court that Durst, 78, silenced Susan Berman in December 2000 before she could te...

Maryland jury finds gunman in Capital Gazette shooting criminally responsible and rejects his mental illness argument

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A jury in Maryland on Thursday found that the man who killed five employees of the Capital Gazette newspaper is criminally responsible for the attack, rejecting his plea of insanity. Jarrod Ramos walked into the Ca...

Judge rejects Lev Parnasargument that he was prosecuted to be stopped from turning on Trump

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A federal judge in New York rejected Lev Parnas' motion to dismiss fraud and campaign finances charges, finding an argument that he was prosecuted to block him from cooperating against former President Donald Trump ...

JD Vance: Opponents of critical race theory are winning the argument

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LOUDOUN COUNTY MUNITY MEMBER SPEAKS OUT AFTER BEING ARRESTED DURING SCHOOL BOARD MEETING J.D. VANCE: One of the ways you know you’re winning a debate is if they try to shut down discussion, derecho? We know that so man...

'Flecha’ La estrella Stephen Amell inició el vuelo después de una acalorada discusión con su esposa

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Amell, que volaba en Delta de Austin a Los Ángeles después de asistir al Festival de Televisión ATX durante el fin de semana, fue retirado después de que un asistente de vuelo le pidiera varias veces que se calmara mientras supuestamente gritaba..

Principe William, Prince Harry had a ‘fierce and bitter’ argument over Meghan Markle after bullying claims: libro

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Royal biographer Robert Lacey, who is also the official consultant on Netflix’s "La corona," has updated his book "Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult" with added chapters a...

1 Disparo, 7 detenido después de que la discusión en el centro comercial de Georgia se convierte en tiroteo: policía

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Sonaron disparos en el Southlake Mall en Morrow, Georgia. alrededor 2:30 pm. en medio de una discusión entre dos grupos dentro del centro comercial que se derramó afuera, WAGA-TV, propiedad de Fox, informó. El tiroteo ocurrió en el centro comercial ...

La futura novia secuestra al gato de su hermana después de una discusión sobre la fiesta de compromiso

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A woman recently shared a story on Reddit about how planning her sister’s wedding resulted in the police being called to rescue a cat. Aparentemente, the bride-to-be was upset over the planning of the engagement party a...

Profesor de California Cypress College en licencia después de una acalorada 'policía’ discusión con el estudiante

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La educadora anónima de Cypress College tuvo una acalorada discusión con su alumno Brandon Ellis., 19, cuando dijo que pensaba que la policía estaba "héroes." Ellis dijo "zorro & Fin de semana de amigos" el sábado que creía.

Georgia woman accused of driving into fast-food workers after drive-thru argument

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Police responded around 10:30 pm. to a fast-food restaurant in Jonesboro, sobre 20 miles south of Atlanta, the Clayton County Police Department said. BURGER KING DRIVE-THRU WORKERS TRICK DRUNK DRIVER INTO WAITING FO...

Cuatro personas fueron asesinadas a tiros — incluyendo un niño de 7 años — después de una discusión sobre una prueba de estímulo, los funcionarios dicen

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Un hombre de Indianápolis ha sido arrestado en un homicidio cuádruple que siguió a una supuesta discusión sobre un cheque de estímulo, de acuerdo con una declaración jurada de causa probable. Los oficiales fueron enviados después de un informe de una persona sh ...

Three people are dead after an argument over snow shoveling leads to murder-suicide

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Tres personas, including the shooter, are dead after a dispute over snow shoveling in Plains, Pensilvania, outside Wilkes-Barre on Monday, Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker told CNN on Tuesday. At around 9 a....

Here’s the dumbest argument on 2020 vote fraud yet

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In the wake of Attorney General William Barr's admission of the obvious on Tuesday -- "hasta la fecha, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election" -- Su. Ron Johnson had...

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