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Video shows Florida gas station fire prompted by deputy’s Taser during motorcyclist arrest

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VOLPE 35 Orlando obtained the surveillance footage showing the February incident at a Wawa gas station in Osceola County. Video shows a large fireball erupt from a gas pump and at least one man engulfed in flames is se...

Un ufficiale della Florida è accusato dopo che un arresto fallito ha provocato un'esplosione che ha lasciato un sospetto con ustioni su gran parte del suo corpo

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Un deputato della Florida e un sospetto sono accusati in relazione a un arresto fallito all'inizio di quest'anno in cui un'esplosione presumibilmente innescata da un Taser ha lasciato il sospetto con ustioni su gran parte del suo corpo, Conte Osceola...

‘Not your everyday arrest:’ Police relocate alligator after it turns up outside South Carolina school

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An apparently studious alligator had to be relocated after it was found wandering around an elementary school in Charleston, Carolina del Sud. Concerned passersby called police after observing the alligator on Tuesda...

NYC police make arrest in sledgehammer jewelry store robbery

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Ali Traore, 28, was arrested in alleged connection to the robberies and police are continuing to search for more suspects, secondo FOX 5. The New York Police Department released a video showing a person in a bla...

An 8-month-old died in a hot car after her father’s arrest, Georgia police say

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The father of an 8-month-old girl who died after she was left inside of a hot car has been charged with second-degree murder, Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials said during a news conference on Wednesday. Da...

Orsolya Gaal’s alleged killer David Bonola hit NYC Chipotle before arrest: rapporto

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David Bonola stopped by the Chipotle location on Austin Street in Queens on Wednesday April 20 attorno 1:20 pm and was "friendly" to an employee who he asked for a water cup, secondo il New York Post. ORSOLYA...

Carolina del Sud: La polizia arresta il sospetto, 22, dopo 14 [object Window]

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Arrest made in triple homicide at Georgia gun range

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Jacob Christian Muse, of College Park, is charged with three counts of malice murder, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a Friday release. SUSPECTS IN GEORGIA GUN SHOP ROBBERY, TRIPLE MURDER MYSTERY LIKELY K...

Arrest made in connection to triple homicide at a Georgia shooting range

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A Georgia man was arrested in connection with a shooting at a Grantville, Georgia, shooting range that resulted in three deaths last week, le autorità hanno detto venerdì. Jacob Christian Muse, 21, faces three counts of "...

Sparatoria nella metropolitana di Brooklyn: [object Window]

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NYC subway shooting: Man who alerted police to suspect reveals moments before arrest

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Zak Dahhan, the witness who reported the sighting, told Fox News he was doing maintenance on a store’s cameras when he saw James walking in the busy East Village neighborhood with a bag over his shoulder. He alerted ...

Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà".

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Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"., secondo la polizia. Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"., 45, Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"..

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Ezra Miller’s projects in jeopardy following arrest: rapporti

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Rolling Stone reported Wednesday that the production companies had an emergency meeting after the actor’s legal trouble in Hawaii. Dopo l'incontro, the committee reportedly agreed to pause all projects involving M...

Utah police arrest man accused of trying to kidnap 1-year-old from back of Provo car

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Emilio Lopez Bernal, 51, allegedly walked up to an idling car at a home that had two women and the young child inside around 5 p.m. in Provo, di 45 miglia a sud di Salt Lake City. "Give me the baby," he demanded in...

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