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Raymond Arroyo reflects on his Biden administration grievances from 2021

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Arroyo began his monologue by discussing a fictitious holiday from "Seinfeld" called "Festivus," where one airs grievances on Dec. 23.  "Now, while I completely reject this pagan tradition, as the year comes to an en...

Biden demonizes the unvaccinated to create a fictitious notion we should be panicked: Raymond Arroyo

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RAYMOND ARROYO: What is regrettable is the demonization of people, family, especially the unvaccinated. It all creates this fictitious notion that we should be panicked, that Aunt Kathy is bringing a deadly pathogen ...

Michelle Obama may be an ‘Oprah in waiting,’ Raymond Arroyo says

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"Michelle Obama showed up on ‘Rachael Ray’ this week, looking very much like a daytime talk-show host," Arroyo reported during the weekly "Friday Follies" segment of "The Ingraham Angle." Arroyo then played a video c...

Raymond Arroyo on ‘Faulkner Focus’: New Hunter Biden emails ‘a huge problem’ for White House

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JOE BIDEN COULD GET DRAWN INTO THE FBI PROBE INTO HIS SON HUNTER: REPORT RAYMOND ARROYO It’s a huge problem. This has been going on since that laptop first surfaced. We know there were these conjoined accounts where ...

Parents, children and families are the targets of the Biden administration: Arroyo

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On Monday, Biden lifted a Trump-era ban on clinics that refer patients for abortion from receiving federal funding.  And buried in the Democrats multi-trillion dollar reconciliation bill is a clause that "more than d...

Raymond Arroyo: China ‘loves’ Biden’s climate change push

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RAYMOND ARROYO: We heard it today from Biden. You hear it from John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi last week in the UK said the same thing. They say "Oh, well the Uyghurs are being put in internment camps in China, religion...

Raymond Arroyo: The truth about Kamala Harris

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RAYMOND ARROYO: At this point, the only thing Kamala Harris is running for is her life, from the Old Executive Office Building. Look, the real reason they’re worried, and no one has really reported this widely, John ...

Raymond Arroyo exposes far-left’s push to hijack the Fourth of July

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RAYMOND ARROYO: If someone were defaming your relatives, your grandparents, you'd be mad as hell. And that's what's happening here. This is not a sober reckoning with American history, but the strafing of it. We owe ...