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Jesse Watters: Al Gore is a climate ‘grifterand a ‘stickup artist

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JESSE WATTERS: Gore makes money like a stick up artist. He tells the American people give me all your cash or you are going to die. And the climate business pays big bucks. He worth something like $ 300 miljoen. Hy ...

Artist reveals painting of our American flag in ‘the greatest country in the world

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Penley revealed the work of art earlier this week on "jakkals & Vriende." He called in from Atlanta, Georgië, and shared how he painted the piece throughout that morning. 4TH OF JULY QUIZ! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW IND...

Neal Adams, legendary comic book creator and Batman artist, dood by 80

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Adams' wife confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he died Thursday due to complications from sepsis. James Gunn, the director behind "Guardians," getwiet: "RIP to Neal Adams, one of the greats." The official Twi...

2022 NFL-konsep: Artist to do renderings of draftees on stage in Las Vegas

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Just look for the guy painting portraits — with both hands, no less — of the players. Rob Prior, an acclaimed experiential artist from Los Angeles, will be customizing the portraits, a set of which later will be auct...

‘The Andy Warhol Diariesdocuseries gives the artist another 395 minutes of fame

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Andy Warhol was such a distinctive figure -- cutting across the worlds of art, media and pop culture -- that a docuseries about his life could hardly be boring, en "The Andy Warhol Diaries" is nie. But this six-part...

Russian opera singer and Putin – Met cancels artist, attacks free speech

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In werklikheid, Netrebko was canceled for failing to denounce Vladimir Putin. As with the criminalization of support for Putin in some countries, the termination of Netrebko is an attack on free speech. It is perfectly ...

Leaving Spotify isn’t possible for every artist, says Rosanne Cash

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Neil Young and Joni Mitchell's decision to pull their music from Spotify after podcaster Joe Rogan spread Covid-19 misinformation on the platform has been largely met with support from fellow artists. But it's not a...

James Mtume, ‘Juicy Fruitartist and R&B musician, dood by 76

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The daughter of Mtume’s late creative partner Reggie Lucas, Lisa Lucas, took to Twitter this morning to confirm the passing of the musician. "So much loss. So much grief. Rest in power to Uncle Mtume. My late fathers...

Shania Twain congratulates Taylor Swift for breaking her record as a female artist on the country music charts

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Oor die naweek, Twain acknowledged that Swift has broken her record as the female artist with the most weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Die "That Don’t Impress Me Much" singer previously ha...

America needs to ‘seek Godamid darkness, says Christian artist Sean Feucht

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"It wasn't America that founded religious liberty — religious liberty founded America," Feucht said. "It's essential to who we are and especially in a time of a pandemic, especially in a time where there's such divis...

Stonewall Jackson, country artist with the Grand Ole Opry, dood by 89

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The Opry, the longest-running radio show in history, announced Jackson's death in a news release. Jackson, a guitarist, performed on the Opry beginning on Nov. 3 1956 and was still appearing on the show in 2010. As a...

Waukesha-verdagte Darrell Brooks het beweer dat hy 'beste ondergrondse kunstenaar' in Milwaukee-raptoneel is

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Brooks word daarvan beskuldig dat hy Sondagaand in Waukesha se Kersparade ingeploeg het, minstens ses mense dood en dosyne beseer. Hy staar lewenslange tronkstraf in die gesig indien hy skuldig bevind word en hy is vroeër vandeesmaand op borgtog vrygelaat..

American Music Awards kroon die Suid-Koreaanse groep BTS-kunstenaar van die jaar

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"Sewe seuns van Korea, verenig deur liefde vir musiek, ontmoet die liefde en ondersteuning van al die leërs regoor die wêreld," het BTS se RM gesê nadat die groep vir die eerste keer hul kunstenaar van die jaar gewen het. "Hierdie hele ding is 'n ...

Adele fans think the artist may have a new album on the way

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Adele fans think the singer has a new album coming. And they may be right. Social media users this week began noticing signs and billboards with the number "30" in different parts of the world and believe that's a n...

Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Hamm, artist and socialite, dood by 41

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The exact cause of death is unclear, but her family told us that it’s believed to be related to complications from Lyme disease. She died Saturday at 41. Reached for comment, haar pa, the famed luxury goods and j...

‘Lego Masterartist explains his job creating building challenges for contestants

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Soos "Lego Masters" opbrengste, the remaining contestants are going to be challenged in new and exciting ways. According to the show’s consulting producer, Nathan Sawaya, it won’t be easy. FOX's Lego Masters - S ...

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