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'N Jeugdige is in hegtenis geneem na 'n video-aanval op 'n Asiatiese egpaar in Tacoma, Washington

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'N 15-jarige is in Tacoma in hegtenis geneem, Washington, vir 'n oënskynlike aanval op 'n Asiatiese paartjie wat gesien is in 'n selfoonvideo wat op sosiale media versprei is. Die polisie in Tacoma het gesê die verdagte word aangekla..

New York-stad aangekla van aanklag van 19 tel vir die aanval op drie Asiatiese Amerikaners in drie afsonderlike aanvalle

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New York 'n Man van Brooklyn is vandag op 'n aanklag van 19 tel tereggestel vir die aanranding en bedreiging van drie Asiatiese Amerikaners in drie afsonderlike aanvalle in die loop van 'n maand, volgens die Brooklyn Di ...

Suspect charged with hate crime in stabbing attack against Asian man in New York City

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A man accused of stabbing a 36-year-old Asian man Thursday evening outside the federal courthouse in Chinatown, New York Stad, will be charged with attempted murder in the second degree as a hate crime, Volgens...

Myanmar junta chief arrives for talks with Southeast Asian leaders

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Genl. Min Aung Hlaing, who led the military takeover that sparked turmoil in Myanmar, arrived in Jakarta on Saturday for a meeting of Southeast Asian leaders seeking to forge a path to end violence in the country. Th ...

Asian American leaders fear Covid-19 origin report could fuel more bigotry and violence

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Asian American leaders are concerned that a report on the origins of the Covid-19 virus expected to be released this week by the Biden administration will be used to "legitimize racist language" and lead to more ant...

She publishes booklets in seven languages to help Asian Americans and others face hate crimes

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Kyk "AFRAID: Fear in Communities of Color" by 9 pm ET on Monday, Maart 22 -- a CNN Special Report hosted by Amara Walker, Ana Cabrera, Victor Blackwell and Anderson Cooper. A Korean American woman living in Los An...

Asian Americans reported being targeted at least 2,400 times this year

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A center tracking reports of racism and discrimination against Asian Americans says it has received 6,603 firsthand complaints since last year. Stop AAPI Hate began tracking violence and harassment on March 19 last...

NYPD make arrest in connection to the death of an Asian woman who was pushed in front of a train

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Police in New York City arrested a man who allegedly pushed an Asian woman in front of an oncoming subway train Saturday morning, NYPD said in a news release. Die man, identified as 61-year-old Simon Martial, was ch...

Delay in redistricting threatens Black and Asian residents in two southern states, some Democrats fear

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Sheryl Threadgill-Matthews is paying close attention to how a delay in the release of redistricting data by the US Census Bureau could affect Alabama's Black community. Verlede maand, the Census Bureau announced that...

Asian Americans lobby to name Navy ship for Filipino sailor

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Supporters say naming a ship for Telesforo Trinidad would honor not just the only Asian American in the U.S. Navy granted the nation's highest award for valor, but the tens of thousands of Filipinos and Americans of ...

Attacks against people of Asian descent are on the rise in NYC. The city is pushing to combat it.

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The stabbing of a 36-year-old man on Thursday is the latest in a number of attacks in New York City against people of Asian descent, a surge that has sparked a call for action from advocacy groups. Mayor Bill de Bla...

Asian man in critical condition after brutal attack in NYC

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The shocking attack by a suspect who remained at large comes amid a rash of hate crimes against Asian-Americans in the boroughs and beyond. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating; police have not determined ...

San Francisco suspects targeted Asian women in 70 robberies, believed they didn’t use banks, ondersoekbeamptes sê

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An investigation into the crime spree began in late 2020 when the robberies and purse snatches started, het die distriksprokureurskantoor in Santa Clara County gesê. The thefts all followed the same pattern: Die verdagtes ...

My dogter se eenvoudige woorde herinner my waarom Asiatiese Amerikaners trots moet wees

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Soms neem dit die jongste onder ons om te wys waar ons tans as 'n samelewing woon. Ek is hieraan herinner toe my dogter, ouderdom 11, 'n produk van haar Koreaanse Amerikaanse moeder en 'n blanke Suidelike vader,...

Asian man in San Francisco attacked while pushing baby stroller with 1-year-old; verdagte gearresteer, sê die polisie

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The 36-year-old man identified only as Bruce told KGO-TV that he was waiting to cross the street in the city's Mission Bay neighborhood in front of Gus's Community Market when he was punched and knocked to the ground...

Man accused of pushing Asian woman to death in Subway has multi-decade rap sheet, sê die polisie

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"He does have in the past three emotionally disturbed encounters with us that we have documented,"NYPD Assistant Chief Jason Wilcox said at a Saturday press conference. "He does have a criminal background. He was on ...

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