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Audio contradicts McCarthy’s denial that he considered asking Trump to resign after Capitol riot

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New audio of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy released on Thursday night reveals he did consider asking then-President Donald Trump to resign in the days after the January 6 disturbio -- contradicting his office's ea...

La familia de Gilbert Gottfried pide donaciones para el 'debilitante’ enfermedad miotónica

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El miércoles, un tweet compartido desde la cuenta oficial del difunto comediante y su familia pidió donaciones para la investigación del "debilitante" enfermedad miotónica. "En honor/memoria de Gilbert Gottfried, quien falleció "También...

'Rueda de la fortuna’ Pat Sajak criticado por preguntarle a Vanna White si ella 'vía ópera en el aficionado'’

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Mientras se acercaba el final del episodio del miércoles de la popular serie, Sajak y blanco, 65, estaban participando en sus bromas habituales después de que la cantante de ópera profesional Ashley Fabian ganó el rompecabezas de bonificación y un total de $ 67,410...

Questions the media need to start asking about Hunter Biden and his dad

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If Biden had been the Republican in the race, Trump would not have had to raise the question. The media would already have been asking it incessantly. The animating question of the campaign would have been why, cuando ...

California once prohibited Native American fire practices. Ahora, it’s asking tribes to use them to help prevent wildfires

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California is calling upon Native American tribes to bring back the once-prohibited practice of lighting controlled burns to help prevent devastating wildfires that have wreaked havoc on the state. Gobernador. Gavin Newsom...

Bill Maher: si crees eso, no Trump, si crees eso’

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si crees eso "si crees eso," si crees eso.

Tucker Carlson: The questions about the biolabs in Ukraine that everyone should be asking

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We foolishly assumed that in this one instance, they might be telling the truth and then out of nowhere, the Biden official in charge of Ukraine confirmed the story. Toria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State, casual...

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp welcomes liberal media at annual event, but quit asking him about Mitt Romney

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Schlapp, who jokingly rubbed his hands together as if he was chomping at the bit to discuss mainstream media, said liberal critics simply can’t help themselves. TRIUNFO, AT CPAC, ONCE AGAIN TEASES 2024 RUN; CRUZ TELLS...

Florida man facing molestation charges after asking teens for ‘lewd contenton Snapchat, Instagram

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Brandon Michael White is facing charges of seven counts of molestation, battery, and lewd and lascivious conduct, as well as two counts of unlawful use of a two-way communications device, according to the Pinellas Co...

‘We’re not asking for magical things’: Anti-gun violence groups launch campaign to pressure Biden four years after Parkland

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Washington, DC Monday marks four years since the deadly shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida, and the nation remains plagued by the gun violence that the students-turned-activists...

SIT DOWN WITH ANTIFA: Young people are asking ‘If cops don’t have to obey the law, why should I?’

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Houston, like many major cities nationwide, has seen a surge in violent crime, including an 18% increase in homicides in 2021, according to the Houston Police Department. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner released an in...

The question we should be asking about violent crime in American cities

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Whoopi Goldberg suspendida de 'The View' "Whoopi Goldberg suspendida de 'The View', Whoopi Goldberg suspendida de 'The View': Whoopi Goldberg suspendida de 'The View'" Whoopi Goldberg suspendida de 'The View'. Whoopi Goldberg suspendida de 'The View'.

El jefe de comunicaciones de Harris se disculpa después 2010 Reaparece tuit preguntando por qué no arrestaron a inmigrantes ilegales

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"Como experto durante gran parte de mi carrera, he tuiteado mucho y hablado sobre temas públicos.. A veces he sido sarcástico, poco claro, o simplemente no dio en el blanco," Jamal Simmons dijo en un comunicado. EL NUEVO VP HARRIS ...

Facturas’ Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer slam reporter for asking if they were ’embarrassedafter Patriots loss

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Through windy conditions, the Patriots managed just three pass attempts marking a franchise low and the fewest passes by a winning team in the last 30 estaciones. A pesar de esto, New England secured a win on their run gam...

Baker Mayfield’s wife shares post asking Brownsfans not to ‘quiton quarterback

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Mayfield’s wife reposted an Instagram story reminding Browns fans of the quarterback's accomplishments since being drafted in 2018. BAKER MAYFIELD’S WIFE, EMILY, SHARES POST CRITICIZING BROWNS PLAYERS, QUICKLY DELET...

Asking OPEC to drill more is ‘lunacyafter being energy independent: Mike Taylor

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MIKE TAYLOR: "I don't even know where to begin to start. Here in New York, my family, we're a propane gas and heating oil company. We've been in business for over 54 years and I've never seen consumers put in the cru...

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