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Vatican asks Instagram to get to the bottom of Pope account’s lingerie model ‘like

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The Vatican is seeking an explanation from Instagram, after the official account of Pope Francis liked a photograph of a lingerie-clad Brazilian model. A photograph of model Natalia Garibotto, who was dressed in sc...

Virginia prosecutor says Black motorist should never have been pulled over, asks for investigation

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A Black employee of the Defense Department should not have been stopped by Virginia state troopers, says a prosecutor who dismissed the four charges against her and wants an investigation into what happened. Juanish...

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to intervene in census fight over undocumented immigrants

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The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to step in and consider a second fight over citizenship and the 2020 census on Tuesday, and to do so on an expedited basis. The appeal concerns President Donald Trum...

The surviving ‘fifth girl’ del 1963 Birmingham church bombing asks Alabama’s governor for restitution

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Sarah Collins Rudolph lost an eye and her sister was killed when Ku Klux Klan members bombed 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963. Since that day, she's felt forgotten by officials who never offered her payment or sup...

LeBron James asks public to help find the killer of his friend’s sister

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NBA superstar LeBron James is seeking answers following the shooting death of 37-year-old Ericka Weems, the sister of James' childhood friend, Brandon Weems, a spokesperson for James, Stephanie Rosa, le dijo a CNN. The L...

Trump asks Supreme Court to invalidate millions of votes in battleground states

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President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Wednesday to block millions of votes from four battleground states that voted for President-elect Joe Biden. Trump's request came in a filing with the court asking t...

Lori Loughlin’s husband Mossimo Giannulli asks for home confinement amid Covid concerns

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Attorneys for Mossimo Giannulli, the fashion designer and husband of actress Lori Loughlin, have requested that he complete his five-month sentence related to the college admissions scandal in home confinement, acco ...

Florida attorney general asks for investigation of Bloomberg’s efforts to reinstate felon voting rights

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Florida's attorney general has requested that the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigate Michael Bloomberg's efforts to reinstate the voting rights of felons by paying their fees, de acuerdo a...

Pence asks judge to reject Gohmert lawsuit asking the VP to interfere in the Electoral College count

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Vice President Mike Pence's lawyers asked a federal judge Thursday to reject a request from Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas that attempts to force Pence to ignore electoral votes of several key states when Congress meet...

With World Series in full swing, PETA asks baseball world to remove ‘bullpenfrom vocabulary

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In baseball, the bullpen refers to the area beyond the outfield wall where pitchers warm up. Starting pitchers can be seen warming up before games while relievers do their warmups during games as they get ready to su...

DC Mayor asks White House for emergency declaration funding for inauguration security

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Washington Washington, corriente continua, Mayor Muriel Bowser on Sunday sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking for an emergency declaration in order to get additional funding for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration as ...

Miami private school asks teachers not to get Covid-19 vaccine or they won’t be allowed to return next year

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A Miami private school has asked its employees to wait to get the Covid-19 vaccine until the end of the school year, but still cautioned that if they do, they won't be allowed to return next year, the school told st...

Woman charged in Capitol riot asks judge to let her take vacation in Mexico

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A Texas woman charged in connection with the Capitol insurrection has asked a federal judge to let her travel to Mexico for a "work-related bonding retreat," de acuerdo con los registros judiciales. Jenny Cudd, a flower shop ow...

A boy lost both parents to Covid-19. His family asks Texas community for help celebrating his 5th birthday

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At just 4 años, Raiden Gonzalez has lost both his parents. Coronavirus stole their lives four months apart, leaving Raiden with only a few years' worth of memories to cherish for a lifetime. With Raiden's birt...

Biden administration asks Supreme Court to save Obamacare, flipping Trump arguments

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The Biden administration told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that it should uphold the Affordable Care Act, reversing the position of the Trump administration that had urged the justices to strike down the entire la...

El secretario de estado de Vermont le pide formalmente a Kavanaugh que corrija la opinión

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El secretario de estado de Vermont le pidió formalmente al juez de la Corte Suprema, Brett Kavanaugh, que corrigiera una opinión que escribió el lunes y que decía erróneamente que Vermont no había realizado cambios en sus reglas electorales debido al pand Covid-19..

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