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NYPD seek suspect who assaulted 73-year-old man in attempted robbery

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The incident began around 10:45 soy. inside a convenience store on 8th Avenue when the victim purchased lottery tickets, la policía dijo. An unidentified male allegedly tried to grab the victim’s wallet out of his hands ...

Assaulted. Harassed. This is the reality for Asian Americans a year after the Atlanta spa shootings

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Robert Peterson struggled for months to stop thinking about the day his mother and seven other people, mostly Asian women, were shot and killed last year at Atlanta-area spas. He's found some comfort living at the N...

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[object Window] "Convoy de la libertad" [object Window], en el que los camioneros y los manifestantes que se oponen a las restricciones de COVID-19 cerraron la ciudad capital de Ottawa al causar un incendio..

Florida police fatally shoot man at wedding reception who allegedly assaulted guests, attacked officers: policías

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The shooting occurred at the new Winter Park Library and Events Center in Winter Park, which opened in December. The family of the man shot by police identified him as, Daniel Patrick Knight, 39, saying he was the un...

Oakland couple assaulted in brazen daytime robbery outside Little Saigon business

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The brazen attack took place near Ninth Avenue and International Boulevard around 1:30 pm. and was first reported by KGO-TV anchor and reporter Dion Lim, who tweeted surveillance footage of the incident. PSAKI BLAME...

Culture of fear at Merchant Marine Academy silences students who say they were sexually harassed and assaulted

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On a 1,000-foot cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, the 19-year-old student felt trapped. Trapped by the crew member she said sexually harassed and groped her, and trapped by the academy that sent her there. Ella...

Chinese diplomat claims tennis star Peng Shuai is too strong to have been sexually assaulted

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"She is a very successful athlete and physically she can handle many things better than many other women in China," Victor Gao, the vice president of the Center for China and Globalization, dijo 60 Minutes Australia....

Ohio Wendy’s employee assaulted by 2 female suspects, la policía dice

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SMASH-AND-GRAB THIEVES STRIKE MULTIPLE DC-AREA EYEGLASS STORES IN BROAD DAYLIGHTPolice say their investigation revealed the two women were "upset by the way the Wendy's employee handed them their food."Captions added...

Prosecutors say three women assaulted Delta security officer in New York after being denied boarding

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Prosecutors say three "belligerent" women were indicted for allegedly punching and kicking a Delta security officer at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after being told they would be denied boar...

João Cancelo: Atacan al defensor del Manchester City durante un robo en su casa

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El defensa del Manchester City, João Cancelo, dijo el jueves que fue agredido durante un robo en la casa de su familia que dejó al internacional portugués con heridas visibles en la cara.. El joven de 27 años publicó una foto de ...

Papá Noel agredido en el área de Chicago en medio de una ola de crímenes: "Estarán en la lista de traviesos’

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Adam White se ha disfrazado de Santa durante los últimos cuatro años., difundiendo alegría navideña y saludando a los compradores fuera de la tienda de su hermano en Oak Park, WBBM-TV informó. EL ALCALDE DE CHICAGO LORI LIGHTFOOT PREGUNTA A LOS GOBERNADORES FEDERALES ...

Peng Shuai tells paper she never wrote of being assaulted

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Lianhe Zaobao, a Singaporean Chinese-language newspaper, posted video of Peng it says was taken Sunday in Shanghai in which she said she has been mainly staying at home in Beijing but was free to come and go as she c...

Chicago Blackhawks reach settlement with former player who said he was sexually assaulted by a coach in 2010

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The Chicago Blackhawks and Kyle Beach, the professional hockey player who said he was sexually assaulted by a former Blackhawks video coach in 2010, have reached a settlement, according to a joint statement from the...

NYPD offers $3.5K reward for wanted man after he assaulted officer

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The assault occurred inside Duane Reade, a pharmacy chain, en 155 East 34th St. in Murray Hill, según el NYPD. The unknown suspect "punched a uniformed NYPD Sergeant several times, causing injury," the depar...

Former nurse who sexually assaulted an intellectually disabled woman is sentenced to 10 años en prisión

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A man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an intellectually disabled woman in an Arizona long-term health care facility was sentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday, según fiscales. Nathan D. Sutherl...

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